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  1. musik_lover

    Amp To Compliment Atrio M5?

    Hi everyone,   Ok so let me start by saying my only experience with portable headphone amps is a FiiO E5. I like the portability and the sound. The problem is, when used with Atrio M5 there is a problem. The bass boost of the FiiO (even after long burn-in) puts a HUGE boost on the...
  2. musik_lover

    Just got my Atrio M5, which foamies are best for me?

    Hi everyone. I just got my Atrio M5's last night and I'm burning them in now. Let me start by saying, flanges are not for me. As we all know (atrio m5 owners) the foamies that come with them are just not the right color, and won't last long. I have heard that the Shure Black foamies are...
  3. musik_lover

    ***SOLD***FS: 5 Extended Bass Headphones + Carrying Case + All Tips (Price Dropped Again!)

    SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE IF INTERESTED These are the headphones for bass lovers! Besides great bass quality, they are great sounding headphones overall (in my opinion). Price : $115 (shipped) I am willing to negotiate price Payments via PayPal only and ships to US and Canada only.
  4. musik_lover

    ***SOLD***FS: AKG K 181 DJ (Perfect Condition) *PRICE DROPPED*

    SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE IF INTERSTED I'm selling my K 181 DJ because of money issues. I will miss them but I kept them in perfect condition so someone will enjoy them as much as I did. Price : $100 (shipped) I am willing to negotiate price Payments via PayPal only and ships to US and...
  5. musik_lover

    Is this the cable I need?

    Hi, I want to use my amp3 pro2 player as an amp for my ipod 5th gen. Will this cable do the trick? ALO Audio Thanks
  6. musik_lover

    Bassiest (32 ohm or less) over-ear headphones???

    Hi everyone again, I'm looking for the bassiest headphones (impact, quantity, depth) that have a very low ohm (32 or below) so I can use it with my ipod. I bought the K181DJ and it sounds GREAT (bass-wise) but it just doesn't go quite loud enough for me. I have an ipod video (5G). I...
  7. musik_lover

    Earbuds (NOT IEMs) that have most powerful mid-bass/sub-bass?

    Ok I'm learning, IEM's for me are not good. I hate them to a point I can't explain. They also bother my right ear. I just want earbud/earphones that sit in the enterance of the ear (in other words look like this): Which earbuds out there produce the most powerful sub-bass? Let's say...
  8. musik_lover

    Which Headphones Have Most Powerful Sub-Bass?

    I have a pair of Pro900's. I like them a lot but I want to know if there is better for sub-bass (50-150hz)? I love subwoofers and I love those powerful sub-bass sounds. Balance and all of taht is not "that" important to me. I want to know which headphones purely put out the most powerful...
  9. musik_lover

    WTB/WTT: Darth Beyer Deep Cup (Low ohm) *Changed Mind, Sale/Trade Terminated*

    Changed my mind... Keeping my Pro900's and $$
  10. musik_lover

    Which Darth Beyers have MOST thunderous, powerful bass?

    I am looking to buy some Darth Beyer's. All I listen to is hip-hop, R&B, reggaeton, and reggae. I listen to a lot of "new" hip-hop and for those who don't know, it uses a lot of 808 drums and has loud, powerful bass in the 50-100hz ranges. Some songs also obviously get to 20hz but I just wanted...
  11. musik_lover

    It comes down to this: D7000 or PRO 900's... Help me decide

    I have done a lot of posting, and reading, and researching and I've come down to these two choices: Ultrasone pro900 or Denon d7000. Two factors I need some clarifying on to help me decide by people who have heard these cans burned-in because that is what counts, I don't plan to only listen...
  12. musik_lover

    DT-770 vs DT-770 Pro Bass Comparison?

    Ok I've decided after what everyone says the DT-770's are the phones to get for a bass lover like me. However, I've heard there is a difference between these two models and both are available from so I need a little help choosing. Could someone give me a good comparison between...
  13. musik_lover

    Looking for the bass monster headphones that beat ALL others...

    Alright so I am not an expert with the "detail" of bass or what makes quality let me explain what I want. I want a true bass monster headphone that beats all others, I listen to hip-hop/rap music from the south which has lots of 808's and makes subwoofers go crazy! Balanced sound is...