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  1. rodneymjones

    Denon AH-D2000 - Hard to drive?

    I bought a pair of Denon D2000's a few years ago (post). I was very unimpressed with them because I couldn't get enough volume for my old ears. Shortly after, I bought a pair of HD650's and retired the Denon's to the closet. Tonight I decided to pull then Denon's out and give them another...
  2. rodneymjones

    What are the most comfortable cans for extended listening sessions?

    I'm looking for something to wear at work. Right now I'm using some Senn HD497's. They are nice and light, but get hot after a while and the sound quality is certainly lacking. I need something that's easy to take on and off so IEM's are probably out. What do you recommend that will be...
  3. rodneymjones

    FT: My Beyerdynamic DT770/250 + $20 for your DT770/80

    I'd like to trade my 250 ohm DT770's for the 80 ohm version. I'll throw in $20 to boot. I traded for these about 8 weeks ago. They are in good coondition showing normal wear with no box. They sound awesome! I just want to be able to get better sound when using these with my iPhone un-amped...
  4. rodneymjones

    Replacement pads for Ultrasone HFI-2200. Will 2500's work?

    I recently traded for a pair of HFI-2200's. The pads are in need of replacement. I'm not a huge fan of the color, so i was wondering if anyone knows if the pads for the 750's or 2500's will fit?? Also, the pad on the top of the headband was missing. Does anyone know where I can buy a...
  5. rodneymjones

    SOLD -- For Sale: UE Triple.Fi 10 Pro -- excellent condition

    Thanks for looking, but these are now SOLD. Best wishes! -Rodney I bought these from a fellow head-fier about two months ago. In my opinion, these are the best IEMs I've ever heard--so much so that I wanted to own one of the numbered first 1000 produced. So, now I've got these for sale. I...
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  7. rodneymjones

    How does compare to 5 pros?

    Hi. I've been using a pair of 5 pros for about a year and absolutely love their sound. I love that I can hear the fret noise on acoustic guitar tracks and the overtones on acoustic pianos. I also like the punchy bass they give to dance music. I purchase some e500's but they lacked...
  8. rodneymjones

    Refitting or remodling UE10s for another user

    Does anyone know if it's possible to have the moldings of a pair of UE10s replaced with new molds for another person? I've found someone wanting to sell a pair, but I need to know if they can be re-fitted for me. I contacted UE and they said that refitting the earphones is not a service they...
  9. rodneymjones

    Headphone shopping in Dallas?

    I'm hoping there may be a few folks out there in the Dallas area who can recommend a few stores where I can try out a few of the headphones I'm reading so much about in this forum. So far, I've only discovered Audio Concepts where you can try the various Grado models and the Stax SR-404. I...