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  1. crapback

    Best Song Ever

    If you truly consider yourself a music lover, you must check this out. YouTube - Christian Side Hug
  2. crapback

    Boondock Saints II, All Saints Day

    I just wanted to see how many people out there are fans of the original "Boondock Saints" movie and plan on seeing the long awaited sequel. Apparently after 10 years of legal wrangling and financial problems, the sequel to one of the best films ever made is here. Anyone else out there excited?
  3. crapback

    Insanely cheap stepped attenuator? (Crazy Eddie style)

    A new member named higo posted an ebay link to a new, $10 stepped attenuator. DACT Type 21 Stepped Attenuator Potentiometer 100K 2A3 - eBay (item 120471954152 end time Sep-27-09 14:56:18 PDT) It is from the ebay seller gigawork who some here know to be very reputable. I've been looking for a...