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  1. Hankert

    Alternative Cable for the hd650? is it necessary? and where can i buy one? (Holland)

    Hey all,   i live in the Netherlands and apparently i cant find any shop here that sells alternative cables for the sennheiser hd650. (i am not looking for the default ones). Does any of you have the hd650 with different cables? If so can you tell me which one you have and if you think its...
  2. Hankert

    Does the Fiio x5 (1st gen) need an amp??

    Hi,   I own a fiio x5 (1st gen) and a fiio e12a... With the e12a it sounds warm and with abit more bass (since there is a bass on/off switch on the amp). I was wondering what you guys think;   does the fiio x5 actually need an amp (for portable use)?   i combine the x5 with the hd650...
  3. Hankert

    Does the FiiO e12a work with the sennheiser hd650

    I bought my sennheiser hd650 and waiting for it to arive.  i just realised i got an e12a (fiio). does this even work together?   on the fiio website it sais: Nominal impendence 300 ohm. and the headphones are 300 ohm.   althought the e12a is specialized for in-ears...   please help!