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  1. crazyg0od33

    Need a little help with Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

    I'm trying to get a cable made for my COPs, but I need a little help with 3.5mm jack sizes.  I need to know what the cable entry is on the headphones so I can determine the max size of a 3.5mm jack I can buy.  I WANT to use the viablue t6s small connectors, which have an outer diameter of .346in...
  2. crazyg0od33

    Is Lunashops reputable?

    As the title states?  I've searched everywhere to try and see the answer but cant find mch.  But they have great prices on the things that I need I didnt know if it was an alright place to order from.   Thanks
  3. crazyg0od33

    Cable Splitting options

    I was over on, and I saw these:   I need something like this for my ATH AD700 mod, but I dont want to buy stuff in euros, as I'm in the US.  It's too expensive for what it is, and I was wondering if...
  4. crazyg0od33

    ATH-AD700 Removable Mic/Cable Mod Log

    I've turned this thread into a mod log for my headset, hopefully I can help other who want to know how to do the same or similar mod to their pair of ATH-AD700 headphones...   So I already have the headphones right here:       I'll update this log as the parts arrive, and as I...
  5. crazyg0od33

    Anyone who can mod my AD700's?

    Is there anyone out there who can do a mic mod to my AD700's? Similar to either of these.         I dont need paint or anything, I just dont have the skill or tools necessary to do this to my set. I'd send em out to whoever can do them, depending on price obviously. I'd...