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  1. velingara

    DPS and T-amp?

    I have the 2007 Micro amp and dac. I've been thinking of upgrading to the Astrodyne power supplies, but I was thinking, with 6 outputs, could the DPS be used to drive the amp and dac, and also an efficient T-amp, like the KingRex. The KingRex has an optional external power supply which outputs...
  2. velingara

    Nearfield amp: Marantz Ma500 or KingRex

    I am setting up a nearfield speaker rig- currently PC (ALAC)-> HR Micro DAC -> HR Micro Amp-> amp in Promedia 2.1 -> Infinity Entra Ones. With $300- $350 to spend, I was looking at used Marantz MA500s to power the infinitys- overkill to be sure, but I may eventually move the amps to my main...
  3. velingara

    Pawn Shop Find: how to determine if speakers are blown

    I found some decent speakers at a pawn shop at a great price- Polk RTi4 and RTi6. About $100 for the i4 pair- they have great reviews and went for around $360 a few years back. They are hooked up to a cheap receiver- how can I tell if they are blown or damaged- what should I look for? They...