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  1. cs098

    Grado hp-2 with wood cups

    For sale is the rare grado hp-2. Modded with beautiful wood cups from Headphile. Modes are aesthetic only and does not change the sound. It is still the best sounding grado you can get. Pads, headband and overal condition is like new, no scratches or chipping. Final Price drop, 850 shipped!!!
  2. cs098

    Zmf Eikons (used for less than a month) (sale pending)

    Barely used Zmf Eikons Got these from the preorder, and while I love them alot (they are one of the best closed back headphones you can get, prefer these over the the C flow, lcd XC and Z1R), I don't really need a closed back and I like my hifiman he-6 just a bit more. If you want to buy...