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  2. ccontreras

    MAD Ear+ HD Still Liked for Grados? Other Suggestions?

    a Darkvoice 336SE? $269 in ebay
  3. ccontreras

    Apple IEM - most underrated IEMs on the market

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hot Pixel This doesn't seem right... 6.99GBP for apple IEM's? click That can't be genuine right? Am I missing something? *is also looking for European Apple iN-Ears* Apple InEar Box Versión traducida de...
  4. ccontreras

    Apple IEM - most underrated IEMs on the market

    only speculation, should give you an opportunity to listen and not look at both the brand that would be objective...
  5. ccontreras

    Top 3 James Bond Songs

    1.- A View To A Kill - Duran Duran 2.- You Know My Name - Chris Cornell 3.- Surrender - K.D.Lang
  6. ccontreras

    Grado tweaked their lineup. Where was I?

    i = improved? the old school was not bad for my taste ;-) - buttonless (obviously) - round pegs - serial number is scratched into the inside of each black square plastic peg holder thing, which i cant see on pics of other buttonless RS1s - also serial # burned into the side of each cup...
  7. ccontreras

    Best headphones for iPhone 3G?

    and NuForce NE-7M Headset?? Nuforce, Inc
  8. ccontreras

    FS: Grado SR325i - Sold

    Gold or new Silver?
  9. ccontreras

    depeche mode - recognize these headphones?

    + YouTube Video ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed. + YouTube Video ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed. Depeche Mode using Grado or Alessandro?, I like to see...
  10. ccontreras

    Are Grado Headphones dead?

    the vintage model has very good resale, and especially that a lot people like more the sound vintage Grado... that new models. I would say that the models Grade resist the passage of years
  11. ccontreras

    Something wrong with my SR-60's?

    It's probably just a hair caught in the driver. Take off the pad and take a look. If you can see the hair, gently suck it out of the driver with your mouth. Should fix the problem. If you are the original owner, Grado has a 1 year warranty, so it would be covered. ...and cut your hair too...
  12. ccontreras

    nuforce IEM comparisons

    I am also interested to use with iphone 3G, look at this link.
  13. ccontreras

    Grado RS-1 - Where's my serial number?

    Quote: Originally Posted by BushGuy as I stated on page one of this thread - mine are year 2001, you might guess the first #'s would be 1999. I'm surprised, buy a pair of RS1 two years ago here in the Sale Forumss, is not in that year were manufactured, they...
  14. ccontreras

    Good and Bad recordings

    Loudness War The Death of High Fidelity : Rolling Stone
  15. ccontreras

    Where do you buy Grados?

    Quote: Originally Posted by terriblepaulz I always recommend The Listening Station (Listening Station!, Specializing in Quality Headphones), but this place gets no love here. 125s and up come with free shipping and a nice free storage bag. Grado Comfort Rings? someone has tested...
  16. ccontreras


    their BOLWS are new? remove them and crush slightly with a book
  17. ccontreras


    TheMightyMilkMan, read this before is a good tip
  18. ccontreras

    IsoTek Burn-In CD

    Tara Labs, Inc. download the taralabs cascade noise burn-in is free, but the server is down now :-(
  19. ccontreras

    Blu-Spec CD - Seriously, Sony. Stop it.

    and another new toy... slotMusic : Home
  20. ccontreras

    Recommenation for an entry level hi-fi CDP?

    sk007 - looking at audiogon AudiogoN ForSale: Cambridge Audio Azur 640C AudiogoN ForSale: NAD C 542 AudiogoN ForSale: Marantz SA8260 AudiogoN ForSale: Creek evo cdp with dnm AudiogoN ForSale: Music Hall CD-25
  21. ccontreras

    Grado Fanboy

    Quote: Originally Posted by fureshi i'm not sure if they're vintage. they're #826 so not exactly new either. i've never heard the newer 2007 version but this is my third pair of RS1 and the other two pairs (higher serial numbers) sound very similar, from memory. they all had the same...
  22. ccontreras

    At last... etymotics for iphone

    Quote: Originally Posted by carlineng Yeah, just do a search for iPhone headphone adapter or something like that. The one listed on the Apple website costs 10 bucks and sticks out 2 inches though... But if many of these adapters lose choice Microphone. A quick solution is to...
  23. ccontreras

    At last... etymotics for iphone

    Ultimate Ears 4vi V/S Etymotic ER6i V/S Futuresonics FS1
  24. ccontreras

    At last... etymotics for iphone

    I go for this one - Etymotic ER6i for iphone Ultimate Buds*::*Products*::*iPhone Headsets
  25. ccontreras


    Quote: Originally Posted by dj_mocok This thread reminds me of The Matrix. Because you asked! Matrix-HiFi