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  1. SayNoToPistons

    Engineering Economics &/OR Corporate Finance question...

    I am also having problem with a question involving interest and inflation. This is the question: An investor lends $15,000 today to be repaid in a lump sum at the end of 10 yrs with an interest rate of 8% compounded annually. A: what is the real rate of return if the general price...
  2. SayNoToPistons

    Need an 80 minute completely silent wav file.

    I performed an Aux-Input hack mod on my RX8 and it requires me to use an 80 minute silent audio CD in wav format. I can purchase one for 8 bucks (not including shipping) but I rather not. I used Windows sound recorder to record 60 seconds of silence through an input that wasn't in use, so that...
  3. SayNoToPistons

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    60 dollars worth of 93 octane BP goodness. Chug chug chug chug chug!
  4. SayNoToPistons

    Post pictures of your apartment/house

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto my dorm room don't have any good pics of the actual layout of my bedroom at home at the moment. across from the wall unit is a big couch, my bed is next to that and next to my window/desk is two closets. That's about it What school do...
  5. SayNoToPistons

    Sennheiser HD555 appreciation thread.

    Even with HD580's, they are still my favorite.
  6. SayNoToPistons

    Ow my leg =[...

    My ankle is swollen but I went to the doctor, he look a look at it and said it's nothing serious. I got an ankle and knee support with crutches. I also got a few ice gel packs.
  7. SayNoToPistons

    Ow my leg =[...

    I'm going to the doctors now. They will redirect me to a orthopedic if they feel the need to.
  8. SayNoToPistons

    Java Programming help... 60 page portfolio due in a few hours! =[

    So I need to turn in a 60 page portfolio as a final in a few hours. I have trouble running my programs that I have made in class. This is my first time using jcreator on my home computer because I usually develop basic programs at school on school lab computers that come with jcreator and...
  9. SayNoToPistons

    Tmobile G1 (google colab)

    My friend has a G1. The black is quite an ugly phone, but they're available in white now. Battery life seems to be poor according to her. She carries two batteries with her when she goes to class LOL.
  10. SayNoToPistons

    Meta-total spent since joining Head-Fi: $1,369,842.35

    Haven't updated my sig in probably almost two years. It's about $1150 (plus or minus ~ $20) in head-fi related equipment now.
  11. SayNoToPistons

    Post Your Photography Here #2

    dfkt - whats that tower looking thing in the back?
  12. SayNoToPistons

    NEVER buying Skullcrappies again!

    Quote: Originally Posted by AudioCats nice "campus bookstore" you got there, all headphones seem to be at discounted prices. They're probably labeled wrong. EVerything else is overpriced .
  13. SayNoToPistons

    Need ideas for college pranks.

    We're still stuck in our immature high school modes, so we're looking for pranks to do around campus. We already have the saran wrap + toilet prank and using a fishing line to trip people prank. No car pranks needed. We already tried googling but couldn't come up with anything good.
  14. SayNoToPistons

    Looking for a website that sells cheap cables but forgot the name =[.

    Quote: Originally Posted by csommers probably this. they have pretty decent stuff for REAL cheap Thank you!! That's it!
  15. SayNoToPistons

    Looking for a website that sells cheap cables but forgot the name =[.

    I'm looking for a website that sells generic cables in bulk (10+ ft) for very cheap. I remember that they were like Monster's but at half the price if not less. They had 10+ ft RCA's, HDMI's, etc etc. If you guys can come up with it, that would be great. Thanks.
  16. SayNoToPistons

    WTB: Laptop with blu-ray and hdmi output.

    Don't expect much feedback but let's see.
  17. SayNoToPistons

    Canon guys!!! Looking for new lense for my Elan 7e SLR Is this the 50MM you guys are talking about?
  18. SayNoToPistons

    Solder Smoke, Unhealthy?

    It's good for you. The best thing to do is to place your nose 3-4 inches from the solder iron tip while you're soldering and start sniffing in as hard as you can. Repeat 50-60 times a daily.