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  1. ls20

    Is the sheer diversity of portable audio offering intimidating to anybody?

    It's been many years since I've last been on here.  And when I started 10+ years ago, there weren't that many choices - especially in IEM space, which is my favorite.     There were Shure and Etymotic as the major players, and then a few smaller guys here and there.   Now there are a...
  2. ls20

    FS: Sennheiser IE7 [trade only for Klipsch X10i]

    For sale:  Sennheiser IE7.  Original, authentic.  I purchased these February 2011 from J&R Music world through Amazon.    Lightly used - Audio Technica ATH-CK10 are my primary pair.  Includes all original boxes and packaging.  Only tips used were small foams.      No trades, except for...
  3. ls20

    FS: 2 ER-4P *BOXES*

    so, as misfortune would have it, i lost BOTH of my er-4p... (taxi and then plane)   anyway, i have 2 untouched original boxes, paper slipcover, the foam packaging inside, a few pair of extra tips, the filter remover tool, the mini to rca adapter, manual booklet, etc     10$ for each...
  4. ls20

    Can someoen donate Shure E2c sleeves?

    hi, some gnomes have seemed to be able to find and hide all of my e2 sleeves. i bought some Small foams in person, but id much prefer Mediums or Large if someone could spare a pair of M/L foam, and/or small black Silicone/rubber, that would be very nice thanks!
  5. ls20

    Brooks Brothers dress shirts = the real deal

    One of the difficulties of being a slim person is finding well-fitting off-the-rack clothing... I've had no luck with department store "tailored"/"slim"/"athletic" cut shirts, especially those with averaged-sleeve (ie. "32-33" length). Sleeves were too short, neck were too tight, and waist...
  6. ls20

    Cooks: how are these cookware sets

    Ideally, we'd all have 5-ply All-clad sets ... but the 1k+ pricetag is a hurdle As alternatives, how are these? Tools of the Trade Belgique Daniel Boulud Generation Cuisinart...
  7. ls20

    Good places for slim/fitted dress shirts?

    I'm a bicyclist. I go about 5'10, 145lb. Which is good...for my health... but it means I can't fit in a shirt at Macys'Foleys'Dillards'Nordstroms worth a damn. Even the 'slim/fitted' shirts I try on there... they're all either tight at the neck and short at the arms or just too loose around the...
  8. ls20

    new Neil Young album **streaming link inside** <---listen to the album here "Only weeks after the release of a gently moving concert documentary, "Heart of Gold," Neil Young is back with a snarl. In three weeks beginning...
  9. ls20

    What are some good Bob Dylan lines/quips? (for ipod engraving)

    Hi, Getting a new pod... looking to engrave it with something from the brilliant bob d... either song titles or lyrics from his song the engraving restriction is 2 lines w/ 27 characters per line so far i have: -"tomorrow is a long time" (title from bootleg series) -"it takes a lot to...
  10. ls20

    History book recommendations

    ive been on a reading and history binge, and id like to get some books covering these subjects.. naturally, i could just go to the uni library and browse them all, but id much rather be reading my very own copy and figure some of you have been through good ones relating to: -the Habsburgs (of...
  11. ls20

    good hip-hop variety/mix CDs (or your personal mix) out there?

    my hip-hop collection is very selective and lacking variety--i have almost all roots, wu, tribe, nas, gza, jay z, raek, mos, gangstarr, etc... so.. many albums, but by few artists i'd like to hear some new stuff, but, really, i dont have the money or desire to start picking up full albums...
  12. ls20

    pics of the newest and cutest audiophile in training

    my 2 year old cousin with my zen & ksc-75
  13. ls20

    Well, how about them Cal Bears

    all that whining about not being in the Rose Bowl and they get smacked by a middle-tier Big 12 team. TTU wasn't no Southern Miss, that's for sure i cannot wait for the Rose Bowl
  14. ls20

    Trade: my KSC-55 for your KSC-75

    got the ksc-55 when i warrantied my 35s the 35s fit me well, these dont. hopefully the 75s will fit just like the 35s
  15. ls20

    trade: my 20gb zen & cash for your 30/40gb mp3 player?

    here's the deal: i have a Nomad Zen NX 20gb (non-xtra)... i would like a player with more capacity .. another Zen, preferably... if you have one and dont need the storage... i can offer some cash for a swap?
  16. ls20

    what's the best online 'blogger'?

    hi my father wants an online outlet for some of the poetry and writing he conjures up... i figure that, instead of building him a website, i should just refer him to an online blogger with a simple interface so that it'll be easier to update and maintain ive heard of a few bloggers, but...
  17. ls20

    my new Waterman Phileas a little disappointing?

    hi ive been anticipating this guy and got it today.. used the converter & ink bottle that came with the package and started writing i found out that 1) the lines are way larger than i expected for a "medium" nib? 2) the ink distribution doesnt look consistent [there are dark & lighter...
  18. ls20

    what are fun things to do in California? (SF Bay)

    i grew up in the bay as a kid, but, sadly, didnt see much now ill be coming back for about 2 weeks over winterbreak... what are some things to do for a bunch of college aged kids? so far ive got: tour of anchor brewery winery tour in napa valley camp out in redwoods and an...
  19. ls20

    anybody with Yann Tiersen's L'absente ?

    what else would you recommend - similar genre/mood
  20. ls20

    favorite bob dylan albums?

    i absolutely blonde on blonde, and hwy 61 revisited however, i dont like any of his other albums even 1/2 as much.. even the lauded blood on the tracks, love & theft, freewheeling bob dylan, time out of mind, etc... seems like there's no parity ... am i weird?
  21. ls20

    What's proper wedding reception attire?

    im dragged to go a wedding reception this weekend its texas, its hot, im not a close friend of the family or nothing--just a regular guest... so i shouldnt need to dress in a full suit, right? whats the bare minimum? it has to have a tie? what about white or black twill pants with a...
  22. ls20

    What audio streams do you listen to?

    online-only broadcasts like somafm? streams from college radio? i mostly listen to indie rock.. so now im looking for a good stream with that but with some more variety and diversity
  23. ls20

    Kayak - Paddle length and technique?

    i'm 5'10", normal torso, 72" armspan, 16" shoulder... using a 10.5ft kayak. what length paddle should I use... and where should I grip it? everytime I paddle I get a sore shoulder and i also feel alot of workout in the triceps also. is that normal? is there a way to get a more...
  24. ls20

    Here she is -- my kayak

    sorry to disappoint the enthusiasts... its just an inflatable... but it fits in my trunk and I've only a room to store it... no garage or apartment here. Kayak, Paddle, Vest, and Pump came from REI.. they had a 15% Sale and I had members' came out to 500$ Her...
  25. ls20

    Nomad Zen NX background noise with screen backlight OFF!

    argh!!! i dont know why i never noticed this much before... perhaps because i never used it at night in house... or the koss previously relegated to the zen didnt reveal it... but now i hear an audible screeching noise with the backlight off! it is understandable if the noise is present...