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  1. tuna47

    Rupert Neves RNHP. Trade Jot with dac

    Trade jot with dac almost new for mint Rupert Neves RNHP.
  2. tuna47

    Hifiman edition x V2 $ 839price drop need money

    Almost new 100 hours or so These are in excellent condition Comes with box two manufacturers cables Selling to raise money great buy awesome sounding Shipping $20 Canada will get price
  3. tuna47

    Schist bifrost über with 2nd generation USP

    Great dac about 2 yrs old in very good condition photos upon regrets sounds great need money selling my lyr also Will do deal for both
  4. tuna47

    Schiit Lyr with golden globe tubes Sold

    In very good condition sound great also have bifrost dac for sale pictures upon request About 2 years old also willing to talk about othe tubes I have
  5. tuna47

    Bifrost uber 2nd generation usb sold

    Very good condition sounds great I just need money Shipping will be $30 USA.i also have lyr for sale if your interested This is a great deal no schitt Pictures available on request
  6. tuna47

    HE 500 cable mod and jerg pads

    USA and Canada Great condition price includes modified cable and jerg pad mod Shipping USA included Canada a little extra great sounding Questions please send pm :)
  7. tuna47

    Lds labs odac excellent condition with USB cord

    Great dac about 1 year old bought new just upgraded damn this hobbie This dac does a great job $10 shipping USA Photos on request but looks brand new
  8. tuna47

    Asgard 2 no hum perfect condition

    About 100 hours burn in no hum $10 shipping need money sad to say goodbye it sounds great no schiit
  9. tuna47


    HE400 with standard cable and silver cable value $119 2 pairs of velour pads and protein leather pad Excellent condition 6 months old well taken care of great sound Photos if needed Shipping included
  10. tuna47

    HE 400 appreciation thread

    Love these phones anyone else feel the same
  11. tuna47

    Nationite S:Flo2 for sale

    Brand new used for 5 hours selling $100 includes headphones and usb cable have the box just recieved yesterday