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  1. Sunkinator

    Easy Easy Grado Headband Mod (56k warning)

    Materials Needed: Big/Small Foam helmet pads Velcro Dots Super glue I recently bought a new bike helmet and it came with 6 extra pads. It made me think of this easy way to mod my SR-60's headband. First of all, heres a before picture...
  2. Sunkinator

    I need suggestions for my budget

    My budget is $180 I listen to metal and rock I have no preferences, just the awesomest metal/rock can in my price range. (I may be able to get up to $250)
  3. Sunkinator

    ~~My Portable audio PICKLE~~

    I have a $250 budget and i am interested in the following 'phones: Audio Technica Es7 Ultrasone HFI-550 Equation RP-21 Equation RP-15 Beyerdynamic Dt-770 My goal is to get a headphone with good bass- better than the k-81 (my k-81's bass is mud now) I listen to metal, thrash, hard...
  4. Sunkinator

    mods or es7?

    hey guys, I've been happy with my k-81dj for public transit use but I feel that whatever bass impact it had has dissipated. It feels like the bass is getting muddier day by day even though I listen at normal volumes. __________________________________________________ ________________ Right...
  5. Sunkinator

    Finally! SR-60 VS K-81dj

    My SR-60's arrived today and they have 5 hrs of burn-in on them. Now to settle the big debate: AKG K-81dj VS Grado SR-60. This comparison is done completely unamped with my unbiased ears. This comparison will not be completely fair, because my AKGs have close to 100 hours on them and my...
  6. Sunkinator

    Did i get the right headphone?

    Hey guys, I recently bought a k-81dj and i really like it for portable use except when i used it at home it was somewhat uncomfortable and a little dark sounding. So out of a random spending urge for a home headphone (damn you headfi) I bought a grado sr-60 from the sound room and it will be...
  7. Sunkinator

    home rig dilemma

    hey guys, Im very satisfied with my burned-in k-81s w/ pulled out foamies as a portable solution but there is a small comfort/fidelity issue when listening to them for long periods of time at home. If someone can recommend me a nice open (or closed) headphone and an amp that works good with...
  8. Sunkinator

    Will this rig work?

    I have a budget of $175 So how will this work out... Beyer Dt 880's (250 ohms) $150 new Homemade Cmoy amp $20 Gold plated connectors $5 new Im thinking about running the 880's off my 2nd gen ipod shuffle with a homemade cmoy amp and I want to know if it will be good with music genres...