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  1. DocHamm

    Secret Scam of Cheap Earbuds

    I ran across this article, "The Secret Scam Of Cheap Earbuds", that is enlightening on the subject of headphones. I'm not surprised by the article or it's contents. In my opinion, it's easy to see how DAPs and Pods have fueled the headphone revolution. Look around any music store or music...
  2. DocHamm

    For Vinyl Lovers

      Gizmodo: How to Pirate Vinyl Records Gizmodo always seems to come up with fun stuff. Anyone ever try this?
  3. DocHamm

    HorrorHound Weekend

    Don't know how many of you are into horror, or are close enough to attend, but this weekend is the HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati ... Nov. 20-21-22. Lots of stars including Elvira, Michael Gross, Tom Atkins, Clayton Rohner, Corbin Bernsen and more. Check it out!
  4. DocHamm

    Coconut Phones?

    Coconut headphone mod makes us long for Kokomo. You knew somebody would do it, and now you're just downtrodden that said somebody isn't you. Yes friends, the gadget you see above really is a pair of working headphones with coconut halves for earcups. We already got word that Dave...
  5. DocHamm


    DiscoJones built a set of speakers that could reach very low frequencies and be very efficient. He built a baffle to place in a doorway and use the blocked off room as the enclosure. It has eight 12inch subwoofers, eight midrange drivers, and four tweeters. The speakers are cheap and he built a...
  6. DocHamm

    What is it? Can you help??

    I ran across a photo of an unusual tower and thought it cool enough to do a little more research. Here's where my dilemma begins. I can't find any information on it. I have tried googling to no avail. Perhaps someone here has an idea or a bit of info that could be helpful to my search? Here's...
  7. DocHamm

    Musical Minds

    Have any of you watched the PBS special Musical Minds? It is a very interesting NOVA episode about Our Brains on Music: The Science. Musical Minds is quite the eye (and ear) opening documentary about how music affects the human brain. In his documentary, Dr. Oliver Sacks reviews four very...
  8. DocHamm

    Glowing Vacuum Tube?

    Something for everyone, especially the tubers ... By Dan Nosowitz, 12:00 AM on Wed Jul 1 2009 From the vaults of Brando comes this retro glowing vacuum tube that's actually a little USB sound card. It's got both audio in and out, and could actually be kind of useful in certain...
  9. DocHamm

    Coffee Lovers - I Want This Now!

    For all us morning coffee lovers (needers!!) ... + "I Want This Now" via YouTube ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed. A video of Hina [JP], a small female humanoid, is currently causing a sensation in the Japanese blogosphere...
  10. DocHamm

    New Dog Breeds Weird??

    I've been pondering this question for some time and wondered if anyone else out there thinks maybe cross-breeding has gone a step too far?? First I heard of labradoodles, then pugles, chugles ... and well ... Poodle Hybrid Dog Breeds:Aussiedoodle - Australian Shepherd/Poodle Beagapoo -...
  11. DocHamm

    Art Of Headphones

    Are you an art appreciator? This proves there is more to the art of headphones ... Beautiful Women and Headphones: Oil Paintings by Jonathan Viner (NSFW) This Saturday (June 20th) Sloan Fine Art in New York will be featuring these oil paintings of beautiful women wearing headphones and...
  12. DocHamm

    FS: Sony 5-Disc CDP C-315 [SOLD]

    A Sony 5-Disc carousel CDP model C-315. This has just been sitting around collecting dust. Still works perfectly. A few tiny marks but nothing really noticeable. No remote, box or manual, but manual available on Sony website. Asking $SOLD plus shipping and PayPal; CONUS. If no interest...
  13. DocHamm

    FS: Sony 5-Disc CD Player C-345 [SOLD]

    Selling a Sony CD player model C-345. A 5-disk carousel hardly used. My mother's CDP that has just been collecting dust. Works perfectly and no marks. Remote, wires and manual included. $SOLD (+ shipping and PayPal) CONUS.
  14. DocHamm

    FS: Audio-Technica ATH-EM7 GM [SOLD]

    Up for SOLD is a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-EM7 GM Adjustable Aluminum Clip-on headphones. These are virtually NiB. I bought them at the beginning of the year for $119 and have only put 'maybe' 8-10 hours on them. The rest of the time they have been sitting in the package. I like these but just...
  15. DocHamm

    FS: Altec Lansing inMotion iM616 IEMs [New] SOLD

    Selling a new pair of Altec Lansing inMotion iM616 IEMs. Comes with a new case, new extra eartips, new extra filters and new filter tool. No retail box or manual (see photo). Manual can be downloaded from Altec. I don't like IEMs, so up for sale. Price: $SOLD plus shipping and PayPal (CONUS)...
  16. DocHamm

    Computer Tubes

    This might have come up here before, but I have not seen it. It's good to know that at least some manufacturers out there are considering more about digital sources and sound quality. AX4B 533 Tube .......... AOpen AX4B 533 Tube Motherboard Review Anyone here ever try this thing? I'm...
  17. DocHamm

    What amplifier is this??

    Does anyone know what unknown amplifier this is? There is a JBL logo on the top but no other reference marks. I have tried to locate it on the web with no luck other than this original photo.
  18. DocHamm

    Speaker Wire .. A History

    I recently ran across an article entitled "Speaker Wire A History" by Roger Russell at McIntosh Labs. His article Wirebusters is a good read. If you've already seen this, sorry.
  19. DocHamm

    DIY Class A Headphone Amplifier

    I ran across this over morning coffee and thought some of you might get a kick out of it. It's up on a couple of sites. 1. Hack-A-Day [which links to...] 2. DIY Class A Headphone Amplifier I think I've got one of those cases around here somewhere. The pic certainly looks cool and has me...
  20. DocHamm

    Yulong - Is it Worth It?

    I've been nosing around for a possible upgrade for my computer setup. I've seen these two Yulong products on eBay and am curious. Does anyone have these or know more about them? Are they worth it? 1. YULONG DAH1 MARK DAC/ Headphone Amplifier+ USB DAC 2. YULONG T-AMP AMP4780 Integrated...
  21. DocHamm

    50 Killed in Severe Storms...

    Last night we experienced severe thunderstorms, high winds and tornado watches and warnings. This is the fourth time since moving here that we have been fortunate not to be in the path of devastation. Once, we were barely a half-mile from a tornado that left many homeless during the night. Last...
  22. DocHamm

    Adcom Modifications??

    I have Adcom equipment and was wondering just how good is the headphone output. My GCD-575 has a headphone jack and volume control but seems to be moderately powered. Is there anyway to improve it through mods in the headphone section? I really like the Adcom sound.
  23. DocHamm

    A Deal? A Steal?? Or A Screw???

    I just got four headphones for $35 and want to know if you all think it was a good deal. 1.) Sennheiser PX100 2.) MB Quart 55x 3.) Altec Lansing iM616 4.) Crossroads MylarOne x3 I am using the Senns on my laptop and loving them. The QP sound terrific on my Adcom and the x3's are nice on...
  24. DocHamm

    What is this?

    Can anyone tell me what this box is? Amp? DAC? Other source? Thanks!
  25. DocHamm

    Help! Grado or Alessandro?? Need help choosing!!

    To clarify, this is a request for help!! I am trying to decide on a new pair of headphones and need advice on these. Would some head-fiers mind sharing some info, advice and opinions? Please?? Grados vs Alessandro Some basic principles: Sound Quality (Clarity, Bass/Midrange/Treble)...