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  1. paper2k1

    FS: Little Dot MK VII+ Balanced headphone amp

    I have a like new Little Dot MK VII+ balanced headphone Amp for sale   It is in near-perfect condition (No scratch and no flaw, works perfect) I would like to sell for $330 including PayPal fee & USPS Priority shipping in the U.S. I will post some photos later, thanks
  2. paper2k1


    Hello, Everyone! Please leave your comments for me. Thanks!!
  3. paper2k1

    FS: Sen IE-8,Audeo PFE 112,Yuin Pk1,Grado SR-60,Sen PX100

    i have a couple pairs of headphones for sale they are not getting much use,so these ones need to go. 1.Sennhesier IE-8 in like new/mint condition Price: $old shipped to conus. 2.Phonak Audeo PFE 112also in like new/mint condition Price: $110 shipped to conus. 3.Yuin Pk1 like new/mint...
  4. paper2k1

    SOLD: 6 feet 18awg Jena cryo cable for Sennheiser HD650/600/580/

    6 feet 18awg Jena cryo Sennheiser HD650/600/580/ cable for Sale terminated with Cardas Sennheiser connector and 1/4" Furutech FP-704G Perfect length for desktop use. Excellent condition!! Asking price is $OLD shipped within CONUS Photo of 18G Jena cable in use. HD650 NOT INCLUDED...
  5. paper2k1

    Ultrasone PRO900

    Any of you have some informations about Ultrasone PRO900? I guess no one has heard about this... Ultrasone PRO 900: Groß was auf die Ohren » ULTRASONE | ¿·À½ÉÊ PRO900 ÃÂÀ¸¡ª
  6. paper2k1

    Yuin's 1st IEM OK1?

    Assuming that this is the final production version...