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  1. slntdth93


    how comes there not much people sporting samsung players here? juss wonderin
  2. slntdth93

    Samsung YP-S5 or Nano 4G

    well im deciding between the two (sort of cant do a straight test right now) Deciding between my samsung S5 or the nano 4G (with FiiO LOD and E5) driving RE0's
  3. slntdth93

    Sennheiser CX300-II-fake?

    well hi everyone... anyways bought a set of sennheiser CX300-II off a friend...i have a feeling that theyre fake 1) when i opened the package - cheap plastic smell. Do sennheiser headphones have any scent when theyre opened (brand new smell or something along the lines of that?) 2) tested...