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  1. RAQemUP

    Heads up on a hot deal for a 8gb Sansa Fuze from Newegg

    Newegg is selling a recertified silver 8gb Sansa Fuze for only $39.99 shipped as part of their back to school sales. Here is a link. - Recertified: SanDisk Sansa Fuze 1.9" Silver 8GB MP3 / MP4 Player
  2. RAQemUP

    WTB short RA mini to RA mini (Right Angled)

    WTB extra short right angled mini to right angled mini cable for a low profile setup (ie cable is not sticking far) Altogether I want it to be 1.5 inches in length. PM if you have one for sale or how much it will cost for one if you DIY for me.
  3. RAQemUP

    Refurb Sansa Clip 4GB for $35

    Saw over on's Hot Deals forum that is selling a refurbed Sansa Clip 4GB for $34.99 with $9 ship though. If I didn't already just buy the Fuze (and effect having way too many DAPs at that!1) I might have bit.
  4. RAQemUP


    Sold Daniel my Little Dot MKIII stock condition and pristine condition for a cheap price. Great contact and in-person transaction went without a hitch. Would recommend to anyone to do business with him.
  5. RAQemUP

    Whats better: Sleek SA6 or Klipsch Image X10?

    Has anyone ever had or demoed both the Sleek Audio SA6 and the Klipsch Image X10s? ATM they are pretty close to each other in price and was wondering if the SQ between them was that big. I love the removable wire and the exchangable ports on the SA6 and it doesn't seem to be that much larger...
  6. RAQemUP

    Any good Japan mp3 players with english text mode?

    I'm in Japan on vacation for the next 2 weeks and was wondering what mp3 players are worth getting that can be run in english text. I should be in Tokyo for at least a couple of more days before headin to another city (I'm on tour) and should be hitting up Akihabara. Edit: I should mention...
  7. RAQemUP

    WTB Yuin PKx foamies

    I'm looking to buy some Yuin PKx series foamies and donut foamies. Just send me a PM with what you have and price.
  8. RAQemUP

    How to disassemble DT770?

    I just bought a used pair of DT770/80s off another forum member for cheap and it has a small rattle effect on bass heavy songs. I had no luck with the search function, but I was wondering if anyone can link me a place or pdf file that explains how to take the DT770 apart. I just want to clean...
  9. RAQemUP


    Purchased a broken ipod mini 2nd gen. Arrived quickly and communication was excellent. I recommend doing business with defsquad.