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  1. Brian_the_King

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    A bit of clutter, but I do love my set up for what it is. New speakers will be probably be on my list when I have a better listening space... the acoustics are fairly poor where they stand now.   The Emotiva takes in from either the CD changer or my laptop, and out to the either the DRA-395 or...
  2. Brian_the_King

    Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

    I will do some tests when I get home, just to verify, but I will tell you this now - I can eliminate the static & distortion (for less than a second at a time, mind you) simply by playing around with the position of my interconnect cables. The left-channel rca jack spins left or right when I...
  3. Brian_the_King

    Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

    What is the current LDI+ revision? I have a 2.0 from early 2010 that is starting to s--t the bed. Has anything of substance changed? Considering replacing my LDI+ with a new LDI+...
  4. Brian_the_King

    Do Budget HDMI DACs Exist?

    "Not really," to answer my own question. I've decided to buy an XDA-2 for home speaker / headphone use and a Fiio E07K for use with my phone.
  5. Brian_the_King

    Do Budget HDMI DACs Exist?

    I do not follow hi-fi audio so closely as I used to, but in three weeks both my iPod and DCM-280 have expired... I'm thinking it would be really nice to use the bitstream from my laptop's HDMI port -> DAC -> analog receiver / LDI+. Is this an option without spending many hundred dollars?
  6. Brian_the_King

    Pictures Of Your High End System (Please see the first pages for examples of what should be posted here)

    These speakers defy what admittedly little I know about cabinent desgin... how do they work!?   Quote:
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