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  1. momomo6789

    S:flo2 2gb

    82.44 shipped will ship as soon as i can.
  2. momomo6789

    cd3k on ebay   if anyone looking for one.
  3. momomo6789

    i present jecklin floats v2     all that comes to mind when i see these :)  
  4. momomo6789

    FS: Exstata boards !

    1 set SS $38 shipped +13 for international +$6 1 set hybrid $78 shipped includes a quad of CBS/Hyton  shipped +13 for international +$6 +3% paypal   why plus six dollers the last guy i shipped it to had bad address and it was returned to me good thing i payed extra for registered mail...
  5. momomo6789

    FS: Sflo:2

    $105.89 shipped conus 2gb verson few small scratches on the back works fine it did stop working for a few hours maybe it ran to dead battery idk anyways thats the price :)   comes with car charger usb cable wall charger and ugly red mofo case thing.
  6. momomo6789

    FS: hiface bnc

    SOLD !
  7. momomo6789

    WTB: Grado RS1-i

    pm me if you have some fs have pics and a price in mind you want also link to feedback.
  8. momomo6789

    need length of grado rs1 wood cups

    like so :)  
  9. momomo6789

    canada post fails

    i think I'm going to stop shipping to Canada anyone else have troubles with their horridly slow customs on top of losing every 5th item i ship there.     fail rate for canada is large.   south korea 6/6 eu 12/13 us have tracking so that's cheating. and once i forgot to put it on...
  10. momomo6789

    need HELP ! for someone really smart !!!!!!! LCD-2 CABLE what !

    zzzzzzzz nvm just going to build a new cable . .... ....
  11. momomo6789

    not geting emails from pm/subscriptions anymore

    not getting emails from pm/subscriptions anymore after you banned my profile for having some word somewhere i dont get emails at all.
  12. momomo6789

    FS: Sony CD-3000

    $550 + $15 shipping + 3% Conus $550 + $43 shipping + 3% international :)   they are 100% working just need cash :)                
  13. momomo6789


  14. momomo6789

    IC: CD3k

    got a mint condition pair of these so thinking of selling the lesser of the two. recabled with mogami / furutech 1/4th pads almost new few months and have been off the headphones the entire time in a plastic baggie. pm me for pics. the only major blimpish is the headbands taken some serious use.
  15. momomo6789

    my amp needs some spiky feet b/c they look cool where do i get them

    didn't like any of the ones on ebay much looking for really spiky black / or silver ones :)  
  16. momomo6789

    need >$100

    OHH YEH !!!!!!!!!! i feel like a nub anyways low end people need your helps   1. needs to be for tv 2. around 100 3. comfy as possible i have a huge head 6'4'' tall
  17. momomo6789

    FS: RSA Protector

  18. momomo6789

    FS: rsa Protector :)

  19. momomo6789

    Grado MS1-i / MS1000 Wood

    $50 bowls $55 j$ headband $109 ms1-i $100+ for the wood   215 shipped conus   one of the cups did crack a little in transit but it doesn't affect anything     pics in here  
  20. momomo6789

    FS: Hm801 :)

    SOLD !
  21. momomo6789

    F/s: balanced bijou

    sold :)
  22. momomo6789

    where did stickys go ?

  23. momomo6789

    WTS: he-5LE

    they have about 90 hours burn in they sound great and every thing $700 shipped Conus Only, win win deal for every one you save $30 and i don't lose any money on the sale Selling b/c idk just seems like i have to many headphones and i'm getting nagged all the time about it geting old...