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  1. pelayostyle

    Senn HD600 amp suggestions

    Please let me know too. Thanks.
  2. pelayostyle

    FS: Sony MDR-1R

    Still for sale. Bump.
  3. pelayostyle

    FS: Sony MDR-1R

    I have a pair of Sony MDR-1R that have been used less than 4 hours. Headphones are in perfect physical and working condition. I'm selling because I just don't use them enough (My wife wants me to do some spring cleaning). Feel free to ask any questions. 
  4. pelayostyle

    Vsonic gr07be

    PM sent
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    FS ; JVC HA-FXD80-Z

    Hey guys, I'm selling this brand new pair of headphone. I just received these yesterday from Japan Import on amazon and feel its too much trouble to have to return them. I've decided to post them up here and let someone else try them. If you like treble, these are for you. These come with...
  6. pelayostyle

    Sony MDR-1R / MDR-1RNC fix for jack rattle

    Great! Mine just developed the rattle after only 2 weeks of use. 
  7. pelayostyle

    FS: AKG K181DJ

    Starting the new year by cleaning out some stuff from my collection. These AKG K181DJ's were hardly used, they might have 10 hours on them. They are in excellent condition and sound great. Thanks for looking.
  8. pelayostyle

    The Beyerdynamic DT880 Discussion thread

    If your going to spend that much might as well build yourself an O2. 
  9. pelayostyle

    Fiio E18

    Quote: I think most people would agree the Sabre dac is better than the Wolfson
  10. pelayostyle

    Tiny DAC, Big Sound, Evolved – Stoner Acoustics UD100 / UD110 / UD120

    I wonder if I can manage to shoehorn this dac into my cmoy....hmmm. Ill keep you guys posted.
  11. pelayostyle

    Tube buffered 4870 gainclone kit

    I just pulled the plug on this. I bought it from here btw.
  12. pelayostyle

    Ipod 5/5.5

    I have an ipod 5g U2(30gb) that was upgraded to 120gb with this kit from Apricorn.
  13. pelayostyle

    Which are the best fashion headphones?

    You think fashion's your friend My friend, fashion is danger
  14. pelayostyle

    2 Russian 6c19n-b

    2 Russian 6c19n-b tubes. $7 for 1 or $12 for both. CONUS only.
  15. pelayostyle

    2 NOS Mullard CV131

    A pair of NOS Mullard CV131 tubes. SOLD
  16. pelayostyle


    Isn't there supposed to be a newer version of the E+ with push buttons on the way?
  17. pelayostyle

    britneys new album

    My wife loves her new album and sometimes when were in the car she plays it and i catch myself singing along ....womenizer, youre a womenizer baby oh! womenizer... Oh god, i feel so gay right now
  18. pelayostyle

    Ol' Saint Deadfolx's Xmas LOD Giveaway

    Sign me up please. I need one.
  19. pelayostyle

    cheap (<$50) gym headphones? EP-630, Bass Freq, ex71, marshmallow...

    Just get the Koss KSC75. They're cheap, they have enough bass, they're easy to take off and put back on and have no cord noise. Its basically exactly what you're looking for.
  20. pelayostyle

    Yuin PK1-PK2 impressions thread

    Are the current PK2s shipping with a Y-cord ?