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  1. Hansotek

    Sony XB700

    Up for sale is a barely used pair of the Sony XB700's. These things have monstrous bass. I am simply not using them. The price is $90 plus shipping and paypal fees (unless gifted). Thanks for looking!
  2. Hansotek

    SOLD beyerdynamic DT990 PRO

    SOLD. Letting go of this Beyerdynamic DT990 250 ohm PRO. The headphone is in very good condition and sounds excellent. Dollar-for-dollar, this is one of the best gaming headphones out there - really fun and lively signature with good detail and an exciting punch in the bass. Price is SOLD.
  3. Hansotek

    Aune T1 Tube DAC + Amp

    Up for sale is my Aune T1 Tube DAC + Amp combo. This was my first "real" amp and DAC and it served me quite well. I encourage you to check out the thread for this well-loved little device...
  4. Hansotek

    Bottlehead Crack and Speedball kit

    I have an unused Bottlehead Crack and Speedball kit. I simply have not had the time to make it. You're basically getting the Speedball Upgrade for free with this deal.   $325 price includes paypal fees and shipping to the CONUS.   Thanks for looking!
  5. Hansotek

    Amperex 7308

    I have a very nice Amperex 7308 with low hours for sale. This one is just burned in. Driver grade from Upscale Audio. Great for a preamp or DAC. Very nice frequency balance and soundstage on this one. I really enjoyed it with live recordings.    Price is $70 firm, which includes shipping to...
  6. Hansotek

    AMB Gamma 2 DAC with Sigma 25 Power Supply

    Up for sale is my AMB Gamma 2 DAC, which includes a Sigma 25 linear power supply unit. This one of the most smooth, mellow DACs I have heard as far as treble goes. It tames the beasts, including the HD800 and HE-6, while providing robust bass and nice imaging. Honestly, one of the best choices...
  7. Hansotek

    Telefunken E88CC - Ulm, Germany 1968 - Matched Pair

    Up for sale are my beloved Telefunken E88cc's. These were purchased from Upscale Audio about a year and a half ago but they only have a couple hundred hours on them in total. Cryo treated and all triodes are insanely closely matched at less than 1.5%. This is absolutely platinum grade!   I...
  8. Hansotek

    HIFIMAN HE-6 + Speaker Adapter

    I’ll be sad to see these go, but I am putting my HIFIMAN HE-6 up for sale. This headphone is in good shape, and includes pleather and velour pads, hard case, stock cable, and the HE-Adapter which can be used to hook the HE-6 up to a speaker amp.   The stock cable is a bit oxidated, which is...
  9. Hansotek

    STAX SR-404 Limited Edition

    I’m putting my beloved STAX SR-404LE up for sale (Serial # 0880). One of the very finest in the Lambda Series, there are only 1,000 of these in existence. Upgrades over the 404 Signature include a premium 6N Cu high-purity soft copper cable with silver plating and a pair of genuine sheepskin...
  10. Hansotek

    Burson HA-160

    Get end-game dynamics on a mid-fi budget.   Only a few short years ago, the HA-160 was considered a reference standard and an outstanding value at $699. CNET’s Steve Guttenberg used it as a benchmark device for reviews, as did the folks over at Headfonia.   This amp offers powerful slam and...
  11. Hansotek

    Schiit Lyr Gen 1 (w/ optional premium add-on tubes)

    Give your headphones the massive power and tubey goodness they deserve!   Up for sale today is my Schiit Lyr. This is the original, gen 1 model SN: 003410. The original Lyr delivers some remarkably sweet mids and nice tight, well-rounded bass. Drives everything from orthos to my HD800’s with...
  12. Hansotek

    Beyerdynamic DT880 600 Ohm – The Studio Legend

    Hear every detail hiding in the mix with astonishing clarity. The Beyer DT880 600 Ohm has been a top choice of studio pros for years and it’s easy to see why. I’ve used this particular pair for video editing and mixing with fantastic results.   The headphone itself is in pristine condition and...
  13. Hansotek

    Sennheiser HD650 – A Dark Beauty

    Get ready to bask in the warmth of sumptuous mids! Up for sale I have a lovely Sennheiser HD650. It is in excellent condition and includes all original packaging and accessories.   This headphone has only been lightly used, I’m just selling it to help fund the purchase of an amp upgrade. It is...
  14. Hansotek

    Hansotek’s FocusPad-A Mod

    BACKGROUND: This mod came about because I could never quite find a happy medium with the sound and comfort of the HE500. Various pad swaps resulted in hot treble, anemic bass, muddy instrument separation, shrunken soundstage, etc. You’d fix one problem with a pad swap, but a whole new one would...