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  1. yonyz

    Looking to improve the comfort of my headphones

    Hi,   I have a pair of Noontec Zoro.  They sound good enough to me, however after an hour or so they get uncomfortable and my ears start to ache.  I don't know if it's because they're on-ear or not, but their clamp seems decent to me, not too forceful.   I couldn't find any 3rd party pads...
  2. yonyz

    What frequencies should I make louder for increased bass when men talk in movies?

    Hi,   I want to get a little more bass that I feel SHOULD be there when certain men talk in movies. I just don't know which frequencies to make louder. I am trying to achieve that with Jriver's Parametric EQ 2.   Example of such male voice (the one with the black metal suit) (!!SPOILER FOR...
  3. yonyz

    Can I add virtual surround if my sound card doesn't have it?

    Nevermind, I thought the U7 would have the same software as the STX cards, but it's something else. I'll skip it. I bought an SMSL M8 on Massdrop which I'll be using via USB until I can also afford a Xonar DX. Or maybe I'll just play around with Viper4Winows and see if it's useful to me.
  4. yonyz

    ESI Juli@ (PCI version)

    A used ESI Juli@ for sale. Missing breakout cable (can be found for $15 on eBay [aftermarket]). Does not include original box.   In perfect working condition. One of the original screws that connect the two pieces of the card (it has a swappable piece) was lost so I put another screw, a...
  5. yonyz

    SMSL M8 or Schiit Modi (Uber)? Kinda urgent due to sell ending in 12h

    Hi,   The SMSL M8 is on sale on Massdrop for $175 instead of $250. I need a DAC because my GPU causes electromagnetic interference to my sound card (ESI Juli@) when it's under load (gaming).   I'd like to be able to add software effects in the future, so I need an optical input, which is...
  6. yonyz

    Can I add virtual surround if my sound card doesn't have it?

    Hi,   If I buy a sound card or USB DAC which don't have any virtual surround or "enhancement" features, like presets for movies and all that, is there some standalone software that has them? I'm torn between an expensive sound card (Essence STX II for $260) and a USB DAC (Schiit Modi for just...
  7. yonyz

    Alternatives to Apple EarPods for the gym?

    Hi,   I bought a Sansa Clip Jam and the earphones it comes with are not loud enough for the gym. They're not sealed, but I don't like sealed ones anyway. I used to have an iPhone 5 with EarPods and loved them. They were loud and very comfortable, and sounded good too. Are there better...
  8. yonyz

    Bongiovi DPS (Digital Power Station)

    Hi everyone,   I've come across this system-wide audio software that's available for PCs, Macs and iOS devices. I couldn't find any threads about it, so I figured I'd open one myself. I've just installed the 2-day trial and will give it a try tomorrow, since it's too late to use speakers.  ...
  9. yonyz

    Infinity SM-85 or Microlab SOLO6C or Samson Resolv A6/A8?

    Hi,   For music and occasionally movies, would you choose the SOLO6C or the Infinity SM-85 + T-amp? Another affordable option is to grab a used Resolv A6 or A8.   Overall price for all systems is very similar.   Thanks.
  10. yonyz

    M-Audio BX5 D2 and Microlab SOLO6C - are they even in the same class?

    They don't ship to Israel. I can get used BX5a for $250 though, while new Microlab SOLO6C cost $160. But are the BX5a even better?
  11. yonyz

    Don't hate me but... do cables matter?

    Thanks, I've ordered that cheapo cable for $1. :) I don't need durability since the cable just sits on the floor with no one ever touching it, but time ruined my older one so I need a replacement. Thanks again.
  12. yonyz

    Samson Resolv A6 or MicroLab SOLO6C (for multimedia use)

    Hi,   So after doing a lot of research the past 3 days, I've boiled down my options to these two, which cost the same (the Samson used and the MicroLab new):   Samson Resolv A6 MicroLab SOLO6C   I'll be listening to lots of music, and I'll watch a movie once a week or two. I currently use...
  13. yonyz

    Choosing my next 2.0 speakers

    Yes I can, but they're expensive as hell. Cheapest woofer is 573 NIS. Those speakers I mentioned in the list cost between 400 to 800. Two woofers = 1144 NIS. Already way out of budget.
  14. yonyz

    Creative T20 speakers make "pop" sound when turned on and off

    You people are really helpful. :)   Yes, import taxes are crazy here, and shipping those big, wooden speakers could easily cost $150, so there's no point in that. I've decided on my budget, and here are all the 2.0 models available for purchase in that price range in my country:   FC330...
  15. yonyz

    Creative T20 speakers make "pop" sound when turned on and off

    I live in Israel.   I'll probably get either the FC330 or the SOLO6C soon, even though the T20s are still working. I wonder if there is a difference in the sound quality? Obviously the bass will be punchier with the FC330 since it has a subwoofer, but then the SOLO have much bigger drivers so...
  16. yonyz

    Creative T20 speakers make "pop" sound when turned on and off

    Apologies for the confusion, but I am talking about the Creative T20. They're the speakers with the problem. The FC330 indeed have a subwoofer and they are just 4 days old and working fine. Since I've plugged the T20 back, they started showing the aforementioned symptoms. The T20 is a 2.0 system. :)
  17. yonyz

    Creative T20 speakers make "pop" sound when turned on and off

    Hi,   A tiny correction, it's a 2.0 system, so no subwoofer. The amplifier is located in the right speaker. The left speaker doesn't have its own amplifier, I think it's a single amplifier for both speakers. Does that make sense?   How can I have the speakers fixed? After six years they're...
  18. yonyz

    Creative T20 speakers make "pop" sound when turned on and off

    Hi,   I've had my T20 speakers since 2009 or so. A few days ago my brother bought Microlab FC330 speakers which were connected to my computer until today, since we were working on setting up his new computer and all that. So, the T20 were not used for 4 days or so.   I just plugged them back...
  19. yonyz

    Will my ears benefit from an entry-level headphone amp, such as the FiiO E6?

    Thanks, I appreciate your replies. I guess you're right and there's not much to be done to improve the sound coming out of the Zoro I have, so I'll stick with what I have for now. I do miss the M50's sound sometimes, but they literally hurt my ears and head after using them for more than a few...
  20. yonyz

    Gigaworks T20 - loud pop sound when turned off

    Hi, In the last two days, my Creative Gigaworks T20 speakers have been making loud pop sounds whenever I turned them off. They are connected directly to an ESI Juli@ audio card. The speakers also have an headphone out, and my new Noontec Zoro headphones produce weird noise every few minutes...
  21. yonyz

    Noontec Zoro

    Since these phones have 3 colors of choice, I suggest you mention which one you have.
  22. yonyz

    IEMs vs. Full size in terms of detail and movie experience

    The Downtown look gorgeous, but the InnerFidelity review says the Zoro has a better balanced sound than these three: CAL!, Beats Solo and Downtown. The Zoro look not as sleek as the Downtown, but definitely smaller.
  23. yonyz

    Impressions: New Lawton Audio 'Angle Pads' (sheepskin/leather) PICTURES ADDED

    I'd never buy anything that's real leather. No point in being so cruel to animals just for our own enjoyment (or any reason that isn't related to survival). Disgusting.
  24. yonyz

    Help me choose (sub-75 USD earphones)

    I am looking for neutral sounding 'phones. I decided to raise the budget to 100 USD, and am considering Shure SE215 (got good reviews) and the HIFIMAN RE-400 (new, no reviews). Both are exactly 100 USD. I will also watch movies with the 'phones.
  25. yonyz

    Buying from eBay - safe?

    No, I don't want to start looking for tips.   What do you think about the Woodees IESW101V?   Let's make it up to 85 USD. :)   I want really good earphones. I had an ATH M50, I just wanting something that's not much worse but is in-ear.