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  1. elliot42

    AMB Cavalli-Kan Kumisa III stereo headphone amplifier

    AMB Cavalli-Kan Kumisa III (CKKIII) stereo headphone amplifier for sale, a DIY amp from AMB Labs and constructed by me in 2009. Details: Priced to move. Pick up from Sydney, Australia (Artarmon or North Ryde).
  2. elliot42

    Sennheiser HD25-1 II

    Sennheiser HD25-1 II for sale, drivers seem to work fine but there's a connection issue with the cable so may need replacing or repairing. I also have the original box. Postage within Australia or pick up from Artarmon or North Ryde, NSW.
  3. elliot42

    Alessandro MS2i (in Grado SR325 body)

    For sale are my Alessandro MS2i headphones. They are MS2i drivers but housed in an original Grado SR325 body (before they became silver). They are fantastic headphones, incredibly fast and detailed, great for metal and rock as well as lots of other music. Selling for a great price. Postage...
  4. elliot42

    Looking for a new DMM, being wooed by Fluke

    I've been looking at multimeters as all I have now is a $30 one from Jaycar. The biggest thing I don't like about it is how long it takes to get a final reading after it overshoots and wobbles around before settling on a value; it can take a few seconds which I find annoying. I really want...
  5. elliot42

    Milling machine... am I nuts?

    I've been thinking about getting a small mill drill for a while now to use primarily for casework: general drilling but also cutting neat square holes for IEC sockets and presentable holes for front panels. I currently have my Opus DAC to finish (which will be done when its done, hopefully some...
  6. elliot42

    Which Panavise?

    So, it's my birthday soon and I think a good vice is in order. I've been looking at the options from Panavise and have seen that the Junior (201) is a popular option as well as both the PCB holders (324 and 333). There were also a number of posts from users saying they loved their Panavise...
  7. elliot42

    Brown sub-forum titles on forum pages

    I noticed a bunch of down-time today and also noticed that the colour of the sub-forum title on forum pages (see DIY forum) is brown, which is unreadable on the dark blue background. It looks like the title is in an H1 tag which has a brown style where the sub-forum title should actually be in...
  8. elliot42

    WYSIWYG post/reply editor broken in Chrome

    The WYSIWYG editor is broken in Google Chrome. I'm on OS X, using Chrome version 6.0.458.1. All browser extensions have been disabled. It seems to be working occasionally in the DIY forum, but failing most of the time.   There are two exceptions in the JavaScript Console in Chrome when I...
  9. elliot42


    I just want to report that I received a PermissionDeniedException error message when trying to access the following thread: The time stamp is: 1278928622.8179   I also get the error on the following pages...
  10. elliot42

    Trying to communicate with WM8740 (Opus DAC), not going well...

    Well, I now have a working Opus DAC module and have been playing with software control so that I can get an Arduino with rotary encoder and VFD to perform volume control and other control duties.   BUT, the Opus module I have is an older revision and uses the WM8740 chip and as such doesn't...
  11. elliot42

    PM alert and other usability problems

    I'd like to report a problem with PM alerting, and some other issues I'm having with usability.   When a new PM comes in, I get an alert dialog in Chrome notifying me and clicking OK takes me to my inbox. But this alert is also displayed when I'm already on the PM inbox page, so I have to...
  12. elliot42


    I sold my AD900 to Chai. Good communication and a pleasure to deal with. I hope they're put to good use. Cheers, Owen.
  13. elliot42

    Recabling HeadDirect RE2?

    I bought the RE2s not long ago and have been using them at work and also while commuting to uni 2 days a week. They're great when I'm sitting still, but if I'm walking they have awful microphonics. I hear every knock as they move, hit my collar, etc. I also find the cable pretty stiff and it...
  14. elliot42


    I have the pleasure of starting the feedback thread for mattcalf. I purchased 5 CDs from Matt. All in great condition and one came with a bonus DVD which I wasn't expecting. They were well packed and promptly posted. I also send him two BantamDAC kits late last year. Matt is a pleasure...
  15. elliot42

    Australian BantamDAC Group Buy - Sign up!

    Closed! Orders have been placed, now waiting on the arrival of orders. ***** Hey all, putting up a thread so we can record definite numbers for an Australian group buy for the BantamDAC and keep track of the progress. Information about the BantamDAC can be found here: BantamDAC...
  16. elliot42

    Problem with CF modded iPod Mini

    My CF modded iPod Mini was working fine up until the other day when rockbox acted weird a few times when using the file browser; the filenames were all garbage. When I hooked it up to a computer it was a bit messed up; my parents' Windows box would have nothing to do with it, didn't mount any...
  17. elliot42

    WTB: IRF510 Mosfets

    This is a diy related request, so figured here would be the best spot. I'm building a Starving Student amp and I am 99% done, but I have only one, yes one, IRF510 MOSFET. I missed the Aussie group buy by only a few days and so had to source the parts i needed myself. There were only a few...