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  1. potato28


    Buyer and seller feedback, please be kind if I didn't come off the right way.
  2. potato28

    Looking at a music PC

    I'm looking at making an exclusive PC for just audio usage. I don't know if the components make a difference, as the audio will be passed through to a emu 0404 USB, but any suggestions would be helpful. I'll be using Amarock and Ubunatu for the OS for maximum audio quality. This will be my...
  3. potato28

    Easiest way to get blood off KSC75's?

    Yes I bled on my KSC75's... so how do I get it off of the main driver housing? I tried water on a rag, but its caked on.
  4. potato28

    New gaming headphones

    Hey Head-Fi, I've been lurking a lot in the past month and a half looking at all of the headphones and mods on the site. I like my Sennheiser HD 555 in the winter, but the summer is just too noisy to concentrate while gaming. Could the Beyer DT 770's be good closed cans for gaming? My price...
  5. potato28

    Rockbox question

    How do you put flac onto it? I can't figure it out...