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  1. walkingman

    Denon AH-C710, AH-C360 and AH-NC600 ANC

    AH-C710 (US$149) FR:5Hz-25kHz Impedance:16 ohms Sensitivity:110dB Weight:4g Pictures: AH-C360 (US$49) FR:5Hz-24kHz Impedance:16 ohms Sensitivity:105dB Weight:4g Pictures: AH-NC600 (US$199) - ANC Press release follows: Mahwah, NJ – May 11, 2009 - Denon...
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    UK Head-Fi'ers: Christmas special at Amazon UK, £3 worth of MP3s free MP3 store - DRM-free MP3 music downloads Not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but what the heck. Amazon UK is offering £3 of MP3s for free this Christmas and Boxing Day. As most of their digital album catalogue seems to cost £3 to purchase, that means you get to...
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    This is a thread for leaving feedback about me. Many thanks.
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    Denon AH-C700, Klipsch Custom-1 or Super.Fi 4 (Walkman A818)

    Hi I am new here! Just seeking an advise for a new purchase. I am planning on getting a new canalphones for my Walkman A818 (no amps). I tend to listen to a variety of music including those by Carcass, old Metallica, Camera Obscura, Arch Enemy, Megadeth, British Sea Power, Muse, Joe Satriani...