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  1. fractus2

    new year's eve on top of the Empire state building movie... which version?

    The original or the remake? Love Affair (1939) staring Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer An Affair to Remember (1957) staring Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant.
  2. fractus2

    DAP - how fast can you play songs from the micro sd you just inserted, minimum buttons pressed?

    What DAP has the quickest access to songs on a micro sd? Instead of turning on, swipe to access menu, choose play music, choose folder, choose sd, choose songs, hit song to play. I just want to insert sd card, turn on, play. Is this too much to ask?
  3. fractus2

    viewing the forum within the bounds of my monitor...

    Is there a forum setting, or browser setting, where I can view Head-Fi forums within the full screen without having to scroll to the right? I looked but couldn't find it.  I mostly use IE (10), and have Chrome (33) available.
  4. fractus2

    Immortal Beloved

    Greetings. Ok, Beethoven buffs out there, have you seen this movie? I heard that the ending was straight from 'ywood and that they never figured out who Beethoven was referring to in the letter. How about the part where he first meets Schindler / his secratary and reveals to him that his...
  5. fractus2

    Need some Mac help...

    Hello. My Mom's computer is acting up and wondered if any Mac guys / gals could help out. I'm a pc guy so I don't know if it's a virus or mallware or whatever. symptoms --all of a sudden my computer screen started to go dark --my brother came over early this morning and turned on the...
  6. fractus2

    Microsoft Vista

    Greetings. Anyone waiting to upgrade to the new MS OS? I am hearing that some will stick with XP because they say Vista will have DRM (digital rights management) issues. Anyone know what these issues will be?
  7. fractus2

    computer internet connection question

    Greetings. This is a hacking prevention question. I run win98 and have a model cable connection. Don't have a firewall, though I do power down once or twice a day. I have turned off the modem but it takes longer to initialized when the computer is turned on. What I've been doing lately to...
  8. fractus2

    The Herb Alpert Signature Series

    Was at one time on a search for HA's Whipped Cream & Other Delights. Now The Herb Alpert Signature Series comes along. Got the whole shebang. Someone may have already mentioned this cornerstone (IMho) release, but here it is again.
  9. fractus2

    cordless KSC35

    I have these e-mails from koss auto-forwarded to my virus folder, but happen to open/read this one: Subject: Cut the cord on your Koss KSC35 Cut the cord...not the performance...on your Koss KSC35 Sportclip stereophone! As a special offer to customers, you can purchase the...
  10. fractus2

    It could all be over soon for the file sharing network Kazaa

    Kazaa in court this week FEBRUARY 09, 2004 IT could all be over soon for the file sharing network Kazaa, which had its offices raided last week and whose executives will appear in court this week. Investigators raided Kazaa's Sydney office last Friday, collecting evidence about...
  11. fractus2

    Happy birthday Jude

    Hope you have a great day!
  12. fractus2

    My protest against spam...

    One of my accounts that's used for storage. I'd like to kick back as much spam as I can and hope they don't cancel my account as I've got the grandfathered 6MB limit. I have no illusion that this will have any affect on the spam servers. But I can say with satisfaction that they can't send me...
  13. fractus2

    RA-1 battery cord, problems?

    Greetings Team RA-1. I've got an RA-1 en route from a fellow Head-Fi'r. Got a pm from him that while taking out or putting in a battery one of the cords broke and he spliced it and taped it with electrical tape. Then I read in the gear for sale/trade board an RA-1 for sale with a broken battery...
  14. fractus2

    Favorite Haydn symphony?

    Ok, I know he wrote 104 of them, but what is your favorite recording? I read that he was called the father of the symphony (prime developer, rather than creator). I'm thinking of the London symphonies next. Here is what I've been listening to and will be playing allot in the near future. A...
  15. fractus2


    An outstanding gfs/t Head-Fi'r, would deal again with Mario in a heartbeat. Superb communications and bargaining skills yielded him a great price! A + + + + +
  16. fractus2

    Let's hear it for the moderators

    Talk about a thankless job. I know a little about that. It's the lack of real flame wars or unchecked banning that really shows how well this place is moderated IMO. If you think they are doing a good job, show your support! And they sure don't pick anyone for the job. Stuartr is one of the...
  17. fractus2

    Sold: D-25S

    Sold Interest check. Pm offers. Used less than a dozen times. I spend more time with my D-5 and DCP-100. Here is a good review by Russ Arcuri. Mint condition. Purchase includes unit and box only, no adaptor or batteries. Serial number 289726, manufacture date April, 1992.
  18. fractus2

    Beethoven cycle packaging

    Greetings Team Classical. I'm shopping around for a Beethoven cycle and wanted to know which of the recommended recordings come in jewel cases? I really don't want to get those cardboard sleeves and risk scratching the discs, but you got to do what you got to do. I recently got a Mozart piano...
  19. fractus2

    Creative Muvo X-trainer, any experience w/this one?

    I'm looking for a flash player for the treadmill and crosstrainer stairclimber type machines. I already dropped my iPod once (still works, won't try that again) and the ole walkman bite the big one. I've always liked the old Samsung Yapp that I got years ago and my wife now inherited. I've...
  20. fractus2

    Teflon may be health risk

    Saw a news story on this last night and it really got my attention. There is this checmical from teflon (cooking pans, carpet fire proofing, etc, etc.) that is in everyone's blood (was it D8 or something?). A spokesperson from Dupont was under the gun and confirmed that when a teflon pan reaches...
  21. fractus2

    What are your top five Westerns?

    Gunfights, wide open spaces, horses, cattle, what's not to like? Here are my top five:[list=1]Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidBuono, il brutto, il cattivo, Il (aka The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)The Magnificent SevenThe Outlaw Jose WalesThe Professionals[/list=1] This list may jog your...
  22. fractus2

    Paul Mauriat's Grand Orchestra in concert

    Greetings. Has anyone heard (or heard of) Paul Mauriat? There is a concert coming up here with tickets going for 5000 Yen ($45.00) and wanted to see if anyone would recommend him. I have no information on what he will play. __________________
  23. fractus2

    Is there such a thing as a headphone a/b switch?

    Maybe a DIY'r makes them, or not? I think it would come in handy but do not recall reading about one here and a few searches have come up nil. __________________
  24. fractus2

    View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth.

    Powers of Ten Check this out, it's pretty cool.
  25. fractus2

    Ok, who in Team Grado has tried the squashed-pad mod?

    Inspired by Joelongwood's post below, have you tried this pad mod and what were your impressions? Quote: I find the flats to accentuate the already lower-mid heaviness of the RS-1s. The bowls are a bit too strident, though, and that's why I prefer the squashed-pad mod. Place the bowl...