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  1. my.self

    ATH-AD700 vs HD595 vs DT880

    what kind of music do u listen to? that should be considered in ur decision.
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    ZERO dac vs Musiland 02 monitor (dt990/600)

    hmm i see. im considering going with the 250 ohm version now that i realize i prolly wont get a amp/dac that will drive the 600 ohm version to potential. also, most of my music is not in super high quality flac or anything, so maybe the 250 ohm version will be more forgiving? a few questions...
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    ZERO dac vs Musiland 02 monitor (dt990/600)

    also, what about the fireye 2? it says.... Headphone Impedance: 32 - 600 Ohms. since it says 32-600, that means it should be able to power the 600ohm dt990's, no? but how good will this really perform? im kinda skeptical cuz its only $97. i thought about the cute beyond/curve but...
  4. my.self

    ZERO dac vs Musiland 02 monitor (dt990/600)

    ugh....u serious? dang it, well i guess the musiland is out of the question now. well hold up, let me see. which amp or dac would i need to properly drive these 600 ohm version dt990? just shout out some amps/dac's and ill judge if they are generally too much money or not for me. would...
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    Should I buy the Beyerdynamic DT880 or the DT990

    Quote: Originally Posted by carledwards I just got the 990-600 and am quite impressed with the bass response and smoothness of the upper registers. Never heard the 880. if u dont mind, are u able to tell me where u ordered urs from?
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    BeyerDynamics DT990 600 ohms vs 250 ohms

    wow this is very interesting. after these years, u guys had complete opposite opinions on them. i was set on getting a pair of dt990/600 premiums but i might consider other things. hows the bass on the dt990 and dt880? i will be amping them with a musiland 02 monitor that i have not...
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    Just got my HD555

    well, i guess now ur about to find out =)
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    ZERO dac vs Musiland 02 monitor (dt990/600)

    hmm aight thanks. i heard as well that the musiland was better than the stx as well. but i never heard about the stx being better than the zero. but then again i never looked into that. i heard it has a semi good/decent amp. ill prolly end up just getting the musiland 02. can it power the 600...
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    ZERO dac vs Musiland 02 monitor (dt990/600)

    bump for more responses!
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    ZERO dac vs Musiland 02 monitor (dt990/600)

    hmm $200, dang, thats quite a bit. ill keep it in the back of my mind tho.
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    DT880 or DT990? and which amp/dac for me?

    bump for more responses regarding the amp
  12. my.self

    DT880 or DT990? and which amp/dac for me?

    david.m, YGPM also, are u able to answer the question regarding the amps in my post, #12? thanks!
  13. my.self

    DT880 or DT990? and which amp/dac for me?

    oh hmm...ive heard of that musiland 02 thing before. interesting, the zero dac and musiland 02 are both around the same price. ill look into them both and do some more research regarding which amp/dac to get. and im glad to hear that i wont go wrong with whichever one i get, thats definitely a...
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    DT880 or DT990? and which amp/dac for me?

    anyone? come on, i know theres more dt880/dt990 owners out there
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    YES!!! monster Beats Solo ARE AMAZINGG...Not really, they are horrid

    i didnt watch the whole vid but i laughed when he said that "these are one of the top and very prestigious headphones that are used by DJ's. They all are using them in their music videos and have been chosen by all of them as their top choice" its like hmmm...i wonder why they are...
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    FS: 2005 Beyer DT880 250 Ohms - SOLD!

    would u be interested in a trade?
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    FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Nuforce uDAC USB DAC AMP with line out and S/PDIF out

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cyphir I just received the uDac today, it blew my creative X fi sound card out of the water and into the stratosphere. The sound is much clearer and the sound stage expanded quite a bit. I highly doubt the 200$ stx will offer as much performance as the uDac...
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    Music suggestions please!

    u can try matt nathanson. youtube his song "come on, get higher". its his hit song.
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    FS:Senn HD595 (sold) & Cardas Cable (still available)

    Quote: Originally Posted by g5tar the cardas series i suppose, sorry, i answered my own jack, correct? yup, the cardas cable is 3.5mm. soloz audio was the maker of the cable Soloz Audio Home
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    REVIEW: Low-end Grado comparison (SR-60i, 80, MS-1)

    well well well, i am now officially confused on grado pads lol.
  21. my.self

    REVIEW: Low-end Grado comparison (SR-60i, 80, MS-1)

    the bass on which grados? and what are the sound differences between the bowls and flats? which is more comfortable? thanks!
  22. my.self

    REVIEW: Low-end Grado comparison (SR-60i, 80, MS-1)

    ah i see. thanks for ur reply. would u say that the sr60i are good for rap/hip hop music too? hows the bass response and such on them? in ur post, u stated that the sr80 with flats are much better in bass department compared to the sr60i's. i checked prices around and the difference is...