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  1. xand1x

    FS: Balanced AKG K340

    Hi everyone, Up for sale is a balanced recabled K340 in good condition. Asking SOLD. Please note that the headphones are no longer terminated to 1/4" TRS. They were recently recabled to 4 pin XLR. I am willing to ship to Canada or the USA. Please let me know if you have any questions My...
  2. xand1x

    FS: Balanced AKG K701

    Hi everyone, Up for sale is a balanced recabled K701 in good condition. Asking $150 USD + shipping. I am willing to ship to Canada or the USA. Please let me know if you have any questions My feedback under the old system:
  3. xand1x

    FS: AKG K340

    Back up for sale is a pair of completely stock AKG K340s in overall good condition. The only issue with these headphones is that they need a replacement set of elastics. This is a simple fix and I do believe there a few threads that outline how to perform this fix. Pictures are pending but...
  4. xand1x

    FS: Logitech Squeezebox Classic + Logitech Squeezebox Controller

    Hey everyone. Up for sale is a Logitech Squeezebox Classic (SOLD) and Controller. Both both items and they are in excellent condition (pictures pending). The Squeezebox Controller is $125 shipped. Payment via Paypal and I am willing to ship to Canada and the US. Logitech Squeezebox...
  5. xand1x

    FS: AKG K701 w/ Moon Audio Black Dragon (Balanced)

    Hi,   Up for sale is a pair of AKG K701 headphones recabled with Moon Audio Black Dragon cable. I really don't want to sell these but need to make way for another piece of audio equipment. The headphones are balanced and terminated to 2x 3pin XLR. Comes with all originals, stock cable, and...
  6. xand1x

    WTB: Recabled K701

    I'm interested in possibly buying one of these. Let me know if you have one available (preferably balanced), serial # over 10000, and in excellent condition. Looking at the $200-400 range for pricing. Please let me know at your earliest convenience.
  7. xand1x

    FS: Squeezebox Classic (SB3)

    Up for sale is a mint condition Squeezebox Classic (Squeezebox V3) in black. This is the latest version of it with the Logitech logo on the bottom. It will come with original box, remote, and power cord. I am asking SOLD + shipping and paypal fees to anywhere in the world. If you have any...
  8. xand1x

    IC/FS: Parasound D/AC 1600HD

    Just checking interest on a Parasound D/AC 1600HD. The DAC is in good condition and is fully functional. It uses 4x PCM63P-K grade chips and PMD100 HDCD filter. It's fully balanced and has all the inputs you would likely ever need. I'm asking SOLD!!!+ fees & shipping. I will post pics later but...
  9. xand1x

    FS: Enigma Audio Oenomel XLR (1m) + Free VTG audio XLR (1m)

    SOLD! is a great pair of Grand Enigma's Oenomel XLR interconnects. I will include a free pair of VTG audio balanced cables with them too so you can have 2 pairs of XLR interconnects for a bargain. They are both 1m pairs in excellent condition and have barely been used. I'm looking for $50USD +...
  10. xand1x

    FS: Enigma Audio Oenomel RCA

    Up for sale is an 0.5M Enigma Audio RCA Cable. I'm in the process of selling my preamp and have gone fully balanced, so I no longer need it. I paid $130 + shipping for it but am willing to let it go for SOLD. Paypal only please + fees! I will have pics up later, PM me if interested. Add $12 for...
  11. xand1x

    FS: Apuresound v2 15ft Hardwire Headphone Cable

    For sale is an ApureSound v2 Hardwire cable terminated to spades with a length of 15 feet. I recently upgraded to the v3 and have this v2 lying around which I was hoping to use for another K1000, but I need some cash at the moment. Originally I paid around SOLD for this a few months ago but i'm...
  12. xand1x


    Sold my Westone UM2 to PhantmShado. Payment was quick, and there were no issues of concern in the transaction. I would gladly do business with this head-fier again; he gets my highest recommendation.
  13. xand1x

    FS: Pocket Amp 2v2

    Hey everyone, Looking to sell the wonderful Pa2v2. I've had it for about a year, and it's in great condition. No cosmetic flaws or issues with the amp. I'm looking for SALE PENDING! shipped to US and Canada. Method of payment: Paypal
  14. xand1x

    FS: Westone UM2

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to sell my pair of Westone UM2 IEMS. I puchased these approximately a year ago. I would rate it as 9/10 because I barely used it and it was always stored in its original carrying case when not in use. The Westone UM2 case is the original style case (see pics below)...
  15. xand1x

    Cable Pro Reflection V2 RCA cables

    Up for sale are two 1ft Cable Pro Reflection V2 cables. See: for more info. Retail at $SOLD per 1 foot cable. I'm looking to get SOLD shipped to US and Canada for both cables. Payment Methods: PAYPAL only!
  16. xand1x

    Best Cartoons of all time?

    I was just reading this article and noticed that they missed a few of the cartoons that I thought were great. I guess in retrospect it would be tough to cover all the good ones, but I figured I would add a few of my own to that list in the form of a...
  17. xand1x

    Which direction do you swirl your whisky?

    I've been chatting with a few head-fiers on irc. I seem to think that counter-clockwise is the proper direction to swirl whisky, though others have expressed their indifference and/or opposition to this claim. So, for fun, I figured i'd start a poll Which way do you swirl your whisky?? (BTW...
  18. xand1x


    Is it just me or is this cereal king of them all? I mean, nothing hits the spot at 2am like an XL bowl of cornflakes (not that frosted kind either). I'm pretty serious about cereal and honestly nothing out there has been able to surpass the simple, yet complex, taste of a bowl of cornflakes done...
  19. xand1x

    FS: Analog Research Gold Raincoat Limited Edition IC's

    Up for sale are a pair of analog research gold raincoat Limited Edition IC's (copper). They are in great condition 9.5/10. Length of the cables are 1M. I'm looking for $55 + shipping for these cables! Payment options are limited to paypal only.
  20. xand1x

    IC: 4 seasons of 24 (DVD)

    Greetings Head-fiers, I have all 4 seasons of the show 24 on dvd!!! Checking to see if anyone's interested! Regards, xand1x
  21. xand1x

    IC: Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

    Thinking of selling these headphones, someone else on head-fi is interested, but if it doesn't fall through I well sell these for $65 shipped. Pics available!!! PM me or E-mail me at if you want pics.
  22. xand1x

    FS: Denko Raw Cable Copper Cables with 24K Osonic Connectors

    Up for sale are a great pair of Osonic/Denko Raw copper IC's $50 shipped!!! Pictures available at: I accept paypal only! Reach me via PM if interested
  23. xand1x

    Burr Brown PCM1794 vs PCM1704

    I'm in the market for a dac and I'm currently debating which DAC I should go for. Both use different converters Burr Brown PCM1796 vs PCM 1704. I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience with either chip, or both, and if they would be able to comment on performance. (please specify...