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  1. uzziah

    do potential internet speeds (i.e. 3mbps dsl vs. 6mbps cable........or the like) have much impact on download speed of bittornet files?

    i ask because, the best i have ever been able to get on any setup is like 1mbps down, total, of like six different bittorent downloads. usually it's less than that.     so, what i'm asking is this: if i'm only using 1mbps of my bandwidth for utorrent, does it make any difference whether my...
  2. uzziah

    should i run XP or win7 on my older gaming desktop

    oh, and as far as cooling, it's a basic antec case, with standard intake and exhaust fans, i might open up the vents a bit with a wire cutter for more airflow; but i do have a very high end cpu HSF. it's one of those sunbeam beasts with a solid copper HS, copper heatpipes, leading to a stack of...
  3. uzziah

    should i run XP or win7 on my older gaming desktop

      EDIT: so..........sorry if this got a bit long, but you can skim it pretty fast and get the gist. i can definitely use a little help, and headfi is where i always go for balanced opinioins on almost any subject, except maybe women  ;)                 so the specs are:  ...
  4. uzziah

    “Beats by Dr. Dre”

    i'm not rich by any means, but i got upgraded to first class on a flight from peurto rico, through JFK, to LAX; anyway, on the flight from JFK to LAX it was filled with (suprise suprise) tons of hip "director/producer/agent" types, and the guy sitting next to me turned out to be some sort of...
  5. uzziah

    audio for a 90's toyota tacoma

    i'll do something very similar; great idea with the sound dampening; thought if i got an amp it would go behind the seats, but yeah, prob not worth it, and small cab means it'll all be amplified anyway; when i'm far enough away from cops, i'll just use my er6i canalphones; headphones really are...
  6. uzziah

    audio for a 90's toyota tacoma

    haven't even got it yet; but i'll be buying a mid-nineties tacoma; i figure i'll probably get regular cab and thus no space for a sub and don't really want one anyway; and sound will build in that small space; do you think i need a seperate amp or can i get buy with a headunit and some good...
  7. uzziah

    should i get the moto droid or is the incredible too incredible?

    but the 1ghz processor is exactly why the incredible has such **** battery life; i also reallly like the extra pixels on the moto droid. 54x480 is actually a lot of pixels to add width. the simple truth is that until 4g blankets the nation, and that'll be 5 years at least probably, there's no...
  8. uzziah

    routing projector cables in ceiling

    OK, MY BELOVED HEADFI PEOPLE. basically, i start writing normally, but almost right away i veer off into digression land. if you want to read it go for it, but don't feel bad to skip alll of it and just scroll down to where it says "THIS IS THE REAL STUFF YOU'RE SUPPOSSED TO READ" or something...
  9. uzziah

    how to learn to work on cars and houses ans stuff

    Quote: Originally Posted by floydenheimer Wifi-link has a good selection of antennas. Or, since you want to be a handyman, you can make your own beastly antenna. Verizon offers free cellular tethering with the Palm Pre Plus. WebOS is a great phone OS too. HP just bought Palm so the...
  10. uzziah

    how to learn to work on cars and houses ans stuff

    wow, that is a damned fantastic idea. thank you so much! please understand that i really do need this info and that your help is really wonderful. thank you! anything i can do for you? paypal you a buck or two? help you with something?
  11. uzziah

    gonna sell xbox and get ps3

    yes, and no, the kids will not be playing RE4, i'll be selling it to someone. if anyone has good ideas on how to make money telecommute style, my goal is to have a small RV and travel about. i can always wait tables wherever anyway, any good idea for telecommute would be nice. i'll...
  12. uzziah

    gonna sell xbox and get ps3

    ok, so after this paragraph i totally go off topic, but it's still worth reading, but what i meant to do with this thread was ask whether you think i should sell my xbox360 and get a ps3. i probably won't be making the purchase for several months, and certainly not until fatwallet or someone...
  13. uzziah

    a little appology

    i've made some weird threads, many of which i believe in, but some that on second review i question i probably should have put this in one of those threads, but i can't find them because i can't think straight, and why i can't is part of the problem i have this chronic lyme disease; this...
  14. uzziah

    Sleeping With Headphones On

    Quote: Originally Posted by talleywho Question: Why not a set of book shelf speakers or an oscillating fan for white noise? . gotta agree; why torture yourself? some little bookshelves off craigslist will sound nice and last forever; always good to have lots of speakers; can...
  15. uzziah

    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    i've live in portland, OR, and boulder, est towns for micro=brews in the USA IMHo, what do you think ?????
  16. uzziah

    what brands to search for on craigslist and other craig's tips

    god have mercy on my wall-typing soul; i just want to appologize for my kerouac-styled writing, and i promise that if i edit it, i'll put in some sex, drugs, and road-trips to make it more readable i just shat this thing out. i just typed it out, stream of conciousness; it's a messy jumble...
  17. uzziah

    what brands to search for on craigslist and other craig's tips

    audio brands to search craigslist for headphones sennheiser grado beyerdynamic akg speakers paradigm axiom energy athena electronics and amps nad mcintosh ...........i wish there was a public-edit option like fatwallet has, but i'll try to keep...
  18. uzziah

    what brands to search for on craigslist and other craig's tips

    ok, i wrote a ****-load. a part of me wants to appologize. a part of me wants to weep for putting so much of my good ideas into something so ******* long and ugly that few will probably read, but i'll say this: 1. i won't hold it against you if you don't read, but A. read this here at the...
  19. uzziah

    A Thanksgiving comic, by yours truly

    i'd have to say there's actually no joke there
  20. uzziah

    help me save my dad's life's work: need external HDD

    ok, so ironically my dad works for IBM, but he has ZERO backup on his laptop; he works from home all the time, and if his hdd was lost, he'd be royally ****ed; however, he's a marketing guy, and NOT a tech person; he asked me the other day "what happens when i shut the laptop lid when it's...
  21. uzziah

    What "old" technologies do we still use today?

    i've got the winner: headphones! or rather, the DRIVER itself. do a little ben franklin-ing and try thousands of different materials to make speaker cones. different shapes, different materials, different cables out of everything from pig fat to titanium. this is where true invention takes...
  22. uzziah

    older gaming pc: should i use xp or win7?

    so, this system has been a great "investment". i've been able to do a couple minor upgrades, and unless i'm very much mistaken (and let me know if i am), it still can run most games today pretty well. my thinking is that i'll probably do one more upgrade on this system in a year or so: video...
  23. uzziah

    What would you buy for $20?

    an 1/8th of some lovely herb from my good friends up north
  24. uzziah

    Where I've been , and where I'm going

    also, always remember this: only you know what it's like to be you; don't compare yourself to me, or anyone; your doctors do not know what it's like to be you; they do NOT have all the answers; take what works, leave the rest. be well
  25. uzziah

    Where I've been , and where I'm going

    for six years i have had chronic, late stage lyme disease; i made have had it for my whole life, but the disease exploded six years ago. i have experienced unlivable pain 24hrs a day, searing burning aching horror; brain damage so that i cannot think, cannot read, cannot focus; cold sweats...