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  1. tseliottt

    New ear tips for Sony 7550s?

    sounds interesting, thanks ill try it out
  2. tseliottt

    New ear tips for Sony 7550s?

    Stock dont fit, Complys disintegrate within a week.
  3. tseliottt

    Quick Impression: Sony MDR-7550

    Top 5 bass of all IEMs I've heard for sure.
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    What are these CIEMs?

  5. tseliottt

    Review: Sony MDR-7550

    E Ex800 for sure. Prefer them anyways, price is just a huge plus.
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    Sony 7520 vs cd900st?

      Those look very interesting as well. I wish head-fi would stop doing the same Senn, AKG, HiFiman, FOTM routine over and over and look at some of the more obscure and underrated options on the market. In my experience, those have actually been better than the established favorites. The IEM...
  7. tseliottt

    Sony 7520 vs cd900st?

    Interesting, I thought they were known for their clarity.
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    Sony 7520 vs cd900st?

    I prize resolution, and love studio accurate headphones ala the etymotic er4. I've also noticed that Sony makes some of the most underrated headphones on the market. I was looking at these two models for my fullsized headphone, but there's hardly any info on them. Certainly not enough to get a...
  9. tseliottt

    Review: Sony MDR-7550

      Hmm... As much as I have told myself the 7550s were the heir apparent to my ER4, the BA200s have piqued my interest. How would you compare them to the 7550s especially in terms of bass (especially sub-bass), detail, separation, and tonality? I've read review that have ranged from the bass...
  10. tseliottt

    Review: Sony MDR-7550

        This exactly. Have to disagree with Gintaras. I've been looking for something to compliment my ER4 for years and years, and I finally found them in the 7550s. I'm a stickler for detail coming from etys, and the 7550s don't lose too much detail given how luscious the bass is.   I...
  11. tseliottt

    2013 best heaphone (Under 300) for music.

    AT a900x AT ad900x Sony ma900   Some of the most incredible headphones on the market right now, and they're going for incredible prices.
  12. tseliottt

    DAC with phono and spdif inputs?

    Yup! I should have probably just said audio interface. But I don't care about the AD quality as much as I do the DA quality.
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    Why Aren't the Sony 7550 as popular as the EX1000?

    Not much compared to most IEMs I've tried, especially the ER4. Joker's 2.5/5 rating given to the EX1000 seems applicable to the 7550s. With no music playing you can have a conversation with some one; music playing, you can't hear quiet ambient sounds like people talking next to you, but you can...
  14. tseliottt

    Why Aren't the Sony 7550 as popular as the EX1000?

    I've known about the EX1000 for years now, but only stumbled upon the 7550 after an erroneous click on a certain website. This wayward click brought me to the 7550's FR graph, and I was surprised at how neutral this random IEM seemed.   Fast forward to now, and I've ended up buying the 7550...
  15. tseliottt

    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    Quote: So making their product even more affordable is a bad thing? I don't understand your logic.   The ER4 has had the fairly priced $300 MSRP since forever. It would be bad "propaganda" if they took the ER4 internals, made the exterior pretty, threw marketing buzz-words around, paid...
  16. tseliottt

    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    Still the best IEMs I've heard in my 10 years of owning them. I respect Etymotic so much for keeping true to their product, while companies like Sennheiser and Shure are releasing gimmicky new products that cost more than decent studio monitors. The market is inflating prices, while Ety is...
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    ATH-M50 to ATH-AD900X

    Huge difference.
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    ER4P. They are some of the most neutral IEMs on the market. Bass isn't boomy but it extends all the way down. Even further than monitors. They have a godly ability for separating instruments, so you can hear every individual track you're recording. I personally don't use them for mixing because...
  19. tseliottt

    What are the best headhones for me?

    I cant believe no one suggested the Sony V6. They are the classic example of "built like a tank." Plenty of pro mixing studios have Sonys that are 20 years old, treated like crap, and are still going strong.
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    Best choice for Headphones under 100$

    Sony V6 or Maudio Q40
  21. tseliottt

    Sony 7550 vs Etymotic ER4?

    Quote: Interesting. I thought they would be similar considering their graphs are very close, and they're both analytical studio models. And the 7550s have been described with terms that usually describe the Etys. Only difference I expected were bass and soundstage due to the different...
  22. tseliottt

    How different do the A900X sound compared to the open AD900X? What closed pair should I get to compliment the AD900Xs?

    How would you compare the sound? I had the a900x and loved them. One of the best headphones out there especially in that price range. Does the AD keep the sound signature while expanding the sound stage? Does it preserve the bass and the natural mid and highs?