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  1. ilovesocks

    Rock Band Wii Guitar Syncing Help

    This may not be the best forum to go to for this, but it's the only forum I'm registered on besides ubuntuforums. So, my friend just got Rock Band for the Wii plus an extra wireless guitar, making two in total. We couldn't both guitars to sync with the little USB dongle at the same time...
  2. ilovesocks

    Triport Recable: Driver Problems

    Long story short: I'm recabling my ex-roommate's Triports. (Yeah yeah, "U SHOOD GIVE HIM A PIAR OF KSC-75 OR EVEN BETTER A PUNCH IN THE MOUTH LOL!!!!111 BOTH OF THEM ARE WAAAY BETTUR THEN BOSE!!" Give it a rest.) I've put together the new cable, which is a Mogami which splits, terminated with...
  3. ilovesocks

    Windows XP Won't Prefetch Anymore

    Before I knew that it was controversial, I followed the controversial device to delete everything in my C:/windows/Prefetch folder in hopes of getting better boot times. I also changed the EnablePrefetcher registry value to 2 for a few boots, just to compare. There wasn't much difference, and...
  4. ilovesocks

    Keys, Alcohol, and $100

    Bit of a story to tell (make sure you read the whole thing through because I present the facts in the order in which I learned them) . . . My female friend and a bunch of other people (all eighteen) went to one girl's house to drink. I was at home and didn't find out about any of this until...
  5. ilovesocks

    WTB: -Short- Silver RCA Interconnect

    I'm looking for someone's DIY silver interconnect to put between my DAC and amp. They're right on top of each other, so shorter is better - down to one foot, if it's flexible enough to be bent 180 degrees. The position 'as been filled!
  6. ilovesocks

    FS: Meier Audio Corda Aria (CONUS)

    SOLD Bought this baby from Dr. Meier back in April (2006). She's in perfect condition, except for a tiny knick in the top from when I accidentally dropped a 1/8" plug on her, and when I changed the voltage, the screwdriver put a little mark in the switch (see pics). Both are very minor - the...
  7. ilovesocks

    By George, I Don't Play Video Games Anymore!

    When I decided to get a laptop to use at college instead of my gaming desktop, I knew that it would help me to play less computer games (that's why I got it in the first place - to help me focus), but I had no idea that the effect would be this profound. I really began playing computer games...
  8. ilovesocks

    Upgrade from Corda Aria's DAC

    How much would I have to drop in order to obtain a DAC that's superior to the one in the Corda Aria? Please take into account that if the DAC doesn't have USB-in then I'll need a separate transport. I'd just like to get an idea where the Aria is on the DAC food chain.
  9. ilovesocks

    Surprisingly, Senn. MX 70 Sport

    My girlfriend has been using the stock iPod buds with her Nano, but they've gotten dirty over time and she wanted a replacement. We were in the Apple store and she saw these Sennheiser MX 70 Sport buds and fell in love with their greenie looks. The magnets on the back of them are pretty cool and...
  10. ilovesocks

    Cool looking HK CD Changer... the Aftermath

    As a tiny number of you may know, my attention was turned toward an old harman/kardon TL8500 CD changer being sold on eBay in this thread. I was able to snatch the thing for $30 shipped - thanks, fewtch! It arrived in very good condition, with a few scratches here and there, but nothing worth...
  11. ilovesocks

    Car Fanatics!: Modify FF to FR?

    Is it possible to modify a car from FF to FR? A few quick searches brought up a few pages about DIY 4WD, so I assume it's possible. Does anyone know if/think it'd be costly to have a mechanic do it?
  12. ilovesocks

    FS: AKG k26P

    They're in great condition - just a few wrinkles in the pads as per the pictures. Bought them a week or two ago from another Head-Fier. I believe I am the third owner. Asking $PENDING shipped to North America (PM for international), $PENDING for Head-Fi contributing members. PayPal preferred.
  13. ilovesocks

    My Band: The Eclectics' EP is Done!

    Head over to our myspace ( to sample "What the Funk?" or "Run! (Mega Hombre)" in 96kbps MP3 glory. I'm the drummer in a casual band with a few friends. We call ourselves the Eclectics and we just finished our first album, "Harbinger [EP]." Apparently, harbinger...
  14. ilovesocks

    AKGs getting stale? Get new pads!

    I bought my k271S's back from my friend a little while ago (I missed them so!) and the year-old pads were very flat and stiff. I took a good, critical listen and thought to myself, "These seemed like they sounded so good a year ago!" I was extremely disappointed. There was little isolation and...
  15. ilovesocks

    Ladies and Gentlemen: The Latest Custom Grado Pad

    I give you the latest development in custom Grado pads! The side that touches your head: The driver side: Next to a bowl: How they're worn: Both sides (note that the left one is a bit brown because I tried to melt the hole into it rather than cut and it didn't work out)...
  16. ilovesocks

    WTB: Little Dot III

    Pulled the trigger on a Corda Aria.
  17. ilovesocks

    Our Drum & Piano Jams

    Hey all, I'm in a casual band with a singer, guitarist, bassist/saxophonist, and pianist. We just recorded a couple tracks a few weeks ago, and I thought I'd post 'em and see what people think. We don't have a name yet, so bring on the suggestions. These tracks are just me (on drums) and...
  18. ilovesocks

    I have seen the lossless light!

    I used to rip my CD's into 320kbps CBR MP3's because it made transferring to my Zen Micro simple, and I thought I couldn't hear a difference. But I got bored a few days ago and decided to re-rip everything into FLACs because I figured I could get rid of the clipping problems I'd been having by...
  19. ilovesocks

    Tape Nostalgia

    Today on a whim I took the Onkyo tape player from our component system in the living room and hooked the line-out into my Audiophile and played a mix tape I made ten years ago through my HF-1's. WOW Nostalgia hit hard. The first song was Naughty By Nature's "Feel Me Flow." There's something...
  20. ilovesocks

    FS: PC Games, DVDs, and CDs (Cheap)

    Bunch of stuff to sell here, and I just want to get rid of it, so make an offer! Details and pricing (including shipping) are individually given. PayPal to CONUS only, please. Buyer should cover the 3% PayPal fee. Will ship via Media Mail. CDs All CDs are mint and include everything unless...
  21. ilovesocks

    Aftermarket Firewire Cable

    Are there any Firewire cables out there that are reputedly better than, say, the generic one that came with my Audiophile? Would there be any point to my getting an aftermarket one from Belkin (not Monster ) or the like? Thanks for any suggestions/opinions!
  22. ilovesocks

    M-Audio Firewire Audiophile Review

    The M-Audio Firewire Audiophile is an external sound device that runs off (gee!) Firewire. It has a built-in headphone amp for the 1/4" headphone jack in front, a stereo RCA input, two stereo RCA outputs, one MIDI in and MIDI out, one S/PDIF coaxial in and out, and two Firewire jacks (the second...
  23. ilovesocks

    FS: AKG k240M (brand-new pads)

    SOLD! I got these off ebay mainly because they were cheap and I figured I could give them a listen and then pass my savings on to some Head-Fier who actually wants a k240M. I paid $45 for them, and spent another $20 for brand-new pads and foam discs from AKG. These are pretty old, but are in...
  24. ilovesocks

    Snatched a K240M ..

    I got an ooold K240M off eBay for about $45, figuring I could give 'em a listen and then sell them here to someone who actually wants them. Here are my impressions: 1) This headphone has an impedance of 600 ohms, and yet I barely turned the volume up at all when switching from my K271s...
  25. ilovesocks

    Ouvert ou Fermé?

    I'm curious whether there are any people that actually prefer closed phones to open ones based on sound alone (not isolation). EDIT: This is my first poll, so hopefully I didn't make any mistakes ..