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  1. ucrags84

    Best bluetooth headphones for workout & casual use under $80

    I'm looking for a solid pair of bluetooth headphones for working out that I can also use casually at home for under $80. The bluetooth earphone market is pretty crowded, I trust recommendations from this forum. Any suggestions?
  2. ucrags84

    Looking for a 2-pin replacement IEM Cable

    I'm looking for a replacement two-pin cable for my 1964 Ears Custom Monitors. I have recessed sockets
  3. ucrags84

    Looking for an IEM cleaning tool

    Hi if anyone has a spare IEM cleaning tool I'd like to buy it. 1964 ears is the only place in the US I can find that now, and they're charging more for shipping than I'd like.  SInce a cleaning tool is small enough to be mailed with a postage stamp, I'm looking to see if anyone can ship it to...
  4. ucrags84

    Venerable Earsonics SM3 in fair condition.

    I have a pair of the venerable Earsonics SM3. I just found these in a drawer when I was cleaning my apartment. I bought them a few years ago and enjoyed them a lot.    The IEM's are physically in fair condition, but full disclosure the wire connector on the right earpiece appears to have a...
  5. ucrags84

    Looking for a replacement IEM cable under $50

    I have some customs with recessed sockets, and one of the cables lost a pin. So I'm looking for a replacement that's under $50, can't afford the $100+ silver ones. Any suggestions?   
  6. ucrags84

    Best Sony X EQ setting for Westone ES5s

    Hi folks, I'm wondering what the best Sony X EQ settings are for the Westone ES5's unamped.  There's quite a bit of floor noise I can't get rid of irregardless. What do you suggest for the EQ to open up everything a bit to pair well with the ES5's?
  7. ucrags84

    Recommendations for good portable rig for ES5

    Hi. I"m looking to build a good portable Rig for the Westone ES5. A dap with a low output impedance under 2 ohms, FLAC capability, and an amp if necessary.  Ironically the Clip+ seems to fit all of this, but the headphone out quality will need to be improved with Rbox. I was also wondering...
  8. ucrags84

    Help finding IEMs or headphones under $800. Big soundstage, rich vocals, slightly sparkling highs

    I'm looking for either a custom IEM or a pair of headphones that has a terrific spacious soundstage with rich vocals, and a relatively lively presentation overall without being overbearing in any one aspect. I don't want a clinical sound, would like slightly sparkling shimmering high with...
  9. ucrags84


    Looking for a ATH ESW10JPN, I know it's tough to find but hoping to get lucky. Flexible on price.  PM or reply if you have one or know where I can find one, thanks!
  10. ucrags84

    Looking for earphones or IEMs, open-spacious, clear signature

    I'm looking for a pair of over-the-ear headphones or custom IEMs ( since I have fit issues) that have a clear, spacious, open presentation. I don't like a muddy or narrow presentation.  My setup will be out of my Sony X series Walkman or my laptop primarily so no extra amp. Source material...
  11. ucrags84

    Where can I get Hippo Gumstick/Upgrade Ideas to Sony A729

    I have a Sony A729 now, and want to upgrade. The hiss is a bit much for me, but otherwise I like it for general use. Right now I'm looking for something under $150: With: 1) Little to no noise 2) Very high sound quality with my SM3s, looking for a wide soundstage, clean balanced output...
  12. ucrags84

    S:Flow 2/T51?, how much of a step-up from Sony NWZ-A729

    Hi,     I have a pair of Earsonics Sm3s, and I like to keep my rig relatively light with as few controls as possible so i don't want to carry an extra amp around. Currently my Sm3s are paired with a Sony A729 Walkman, but I find the noise floor to be high, and soundstage just a little...
  13. ucrags84

    Sensorcom tip & fit issue w/SM3s

    My right ear canal is significantly smaller than my left one. As a result the sensorcom and stock tips i'm using with the SM3 aren't going in deep enough on the right ear. The left ear has a good seal, but the right ear has an "okay" seal. The foams included were too small, and i found the...
  14. ucrags84

    How do you wear the SM3? Other threads locked

    Other threads are locked, so I can't reply there. I know the wires for each channel loop around the ear. After that do both wires and the y splitter rest at your front side, or do you wear this behind you? If someone has a picture wearing this, that would be super awesome, the French...
  15. ucrags84

    Earsonics sm3 & cutting sensorcom tips

    I just got my sensorcom double flange tips.The stalks are very long I'm afraid my ears are Are squeezing the air channel. What lengthdo you recommend I cut these. I wanted some suggestions because these tips are expensive to get ( especially shipping). Thanks
  16. ucrags84

    Earsonics SM3 with NWZ 729 Series Walkman

    I've heard a lot of good stuff about the Earsonics SM3 in terms of soundstage, all around high & low, it just seems to be a great universal triple-ba.   My concerns are these: 1) I plan to use this with my Sony NWZ-A729 unamped, do you think this will make a difference. All files are in...
  17. ucrags84

    Why amp most IEMs? Overkill?

    Pardon me if this is miscategorized, I felt it should be targeted towards the wider IEM audience here. Many IEMs are designed to be pretty darn sensitive, hence they can be driven easily by a portable. The noise isolation, and just the overall design of these things generally allows it to go...
  18. ucrags84

    Why do so many DAPs lack memory expansion?

    This question has been asked before.. but what does through the minds of the people with business plans at companies selling DAPs w/o memory expansion? I can understand if there were some cases were the DAP was limited by design, but a microSD slot is so small. Granted a company may want to...
  19. ucrags84

    My google isn't working well..? Where did the Kramer Mod come from?

    So. I'm just curious.. where did the Kramer Mod come from, and how did it get it's name. Especially the latter part. Google is yielding so many different things, I thought this would be the place to get a definitive answer.
  20. ucrags84

    Where can a shirt clips?

    So my X5s are insanely light, i don't want to wear them over the ear and as a result when the wire wobbles around when I'm moving, the IEMs get tugged down. A shirt clip would relieve the stress of the entire wire pulling down on the IEMs and help with microphonics too. Does anyone know...
  21. ucrags84

    WTB: Cyclone PR1 Pros

    I want to buy some Cyclone PR1 Pros, I sold mine's a few weeks ago because I thought I didn't need another backup pair of IEMs. Just got rid of my C551s so now I need something else to take its place, and I liked the PR1s the short time I had em. Hopefully I can get em here, Ebay sold out...
  22. ucrags84


    Litigator bought a pair of IEMs from me. He paid promptly with paypal, and was really easy to deal with. Great transaction.
  23. ucrags84

    WTB: Some Large Shure Olive

    I need a couple of Large Shure Olives, not an entire pack necessarily which is why I'd rather not drop $15, because i only use L with my right ear. Let me know if you have some, thanks!
  24. ucrags84

    WTB: Withdrawn

    -----WITHDRAWN----- Looking for a FiiO E5 on the cheap. I don't care if it's used. This will mainly be connected to my PC once in a while to boost the audio levels on certain shows I watch in HD. Would prefer a shipper in the CONUS so I can get it faster, but willing to look outside...
  25. ucrags84

    SOLD: Like new Cyclone PR1 Pro

    SOLD SOLD SOLD, not available The Cyclone PR1 pros are pretty hard to come by these days. I have a like new pair that's been used less than 8 hours. These come with the original box, carrying case, all accesories, and all the the NEW & UNUSED eartips..that's right. I tried them with a...