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  1. warrior05

    Android phones and USB DACs

    @WareZ I believe you misread my post. The 1%/ hour battery drain was while not in use. Fwiw, I gave up on the effort and bought a HiBy R5.
  2. warrior05

    Wanted: Headphone pieces to make my own headphone

    If you're interested in Beyerdynamic parts I have a bunch. Almost enough to make two headphones. I also have spare drivers. PM me if interested.
  3. warrior05

    FS: Fostex TH-600 with Dekoni Elites (CLOSED)

    Appreciated. I did "speak" to one of them. Don't know about the other. This has turned into a somewhat active thread so if they're still interested, I'm sure they will see it. 😎
  4. warrior05

    The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

    So I got an R3 Pro and pretty impressed by it but I was really disappointed that the player software is not the same as the Android app regarding one feature I really liked - being able to build a play queue. I'm not a playlist guy. When I have listening sessions, I like to look around and pick...
  5. warrior05

    Android phones and USB DACs

    Skimming thru the latter part of this thread, I see some have attempted to do what I have done and have reported a similar issue but I have yet to see a recommended solution be a confirmed fix. No, I have not gone thru this ENTIRE thread. Due to regular upgrades to Android, I figure since this...
  6. warrior05

    Topping NX4

    Bit of an old thread but seems the best place to post this story/question. I have an old iMod - 5th gen - that continues to work very well hooked up with an equally as old Headstage amp. I had the idea to see what I could come up with using current kit. After some perusing, I decided on getting...
  7. warrior05

    CANCELLED: Yamaha WXC-50 Network Streamer

    I will be ending this sale tonight and shipping the unit either back to the etailer or an individual tomorrow morning. I'm in New York so let's say 10:00 EST will be the cut off.
  8. warrior05

    CANCELLED: Yamaha WXC-50 Network Streamer

    >>>NO LONGER FOR SALE!!<<< Bought this unit and received it about a week ago. Works fine but in my use case - hard drive plugged directly into the Yamaha - it will not support gapless playback (confirmed by Yamaha). Total deal breaker for me. I'm trying to minimize my losses considering the...
  9. warrior05

    SOLD: Digione and iFi Power Supply

    !!!SOLD!!! I will include everything in my photo plus, if I find it, the original power supply. Also included is a micro sd which I'll simply leave in the unit. Please do not ask me to split the sale. CONUS only. $110 shipped. eBay feedback: sec12196
  10. warrior05

    FS: Sonos Connect

    This is a stock Sonos Connect unit which I no longer use. Never saw a whole lot of use. Comes from a smoke and pet free environment. I bought it brand new. Includes all original cables. CONUS only - $250 includes shipping and PayPal fees. You can check my eBay feedback - sec12196
  11. warrior05

    A favor from anyone who can read Japanese

    Below are four orientations of a stamp my mother used to use. I'm not sure of the orientation and what it is/says (though I think I know I don't want to influence replies).   Any help is greatly appreciated!          
  12. warrior05

    FS: Logitech K400 USB Wireless Keyboard w/Built In Mouse Pad

    I used this wireless keyboard in conjunction with my MiniX Android unit (also for sale). I have since replaced it with a backlit unit. No problems with it and I liked using it. Responsive and the mousepad was very convenient. Typical use case is a PC based home theater set up.   Asking $21...
  13. warrior05

    FS: MiniX Neo X8-H Quad Core Android Media Hub

    Selling my MiniX Android media hub. It is in great shape and has served me well but I replaced it with a small Intel/Windows unit. I updated it to the latest stock firmware. I never had any problems with it and used it as my ripped movie player and watched many hockey games via XBMC.   All...
  14. warrior05

    FS: iPhone 5 Black Verizon 16gb

    Selling my wife's iPhone 5 (Verizon). Excellent condition. Never dropped. There are a few very light scratches on the screen - nothing you can see when the screen is on nor even feel. The back is in great shape since she always had it in a case which I'm including (though I realize it isn't for...
  15. warrior05

    Budget-fi gear sale - Vsonic, SoundMagic; Creative Sound Card -- $25-35, Free Shipping!

    Just realized I asked a stupid question.   PM sent.
  16. warrior05

    DT990 / 600 ohm Manufaktur - Black/Red

    Even though these are 600 ohms, I have found they are actually pretty easy to drive. I do not have experience with the FiiO amp but my Headstage Arrow has no problem with them.   You might want to jump on a thread about the FiiO and see if anyone has tried the combination.
  17. warrior05

    DT990 / 600 ohm Manufaktur - Black/Red

    No. The cable is not detachable. Yes, any 4-pin female XLR to 1/8" plug adapter will work as long as it is wired correctly which I can provide info on if need be.   Thanks for the interest!
  18. warrior05

    DT990 / 600 ohm Manufaktur - Black/Red

    Tough to let these beauties go but ever since getting my T1 they just haven't been getting any listening time. They are in terrific shape - can't find a scratch on them. I recabled these throughout with Mogami and currently have a 5 foot cable terminated with a 4-pin XLR. I am willing to...
  19. warrior05

    FS: QNAP TS-109 NAS

    I have been using this NAS as my music server. You can install Logitech's Squeezebox server on it or you can just use it as a central storage device. I found I was not using a lot of its functionality and simply replaced it with USB HDD plugged into my router.   You can read about all its...