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  1. DRSpeed85

    Weak dollar good or bad for headfi?

    I've started investing in some stock with moderate success while head-fi was down. During that time I was wondering how the cheaper dollar would affect the 'head-fi economy' because technically speaking, a used headphone, amp or source overseas in europe or asia could actually accumulate value...
  2. DRSpeed85

    FS: Original 5gb iPod
  3. DRSpeed85


    Anyone else a fan of this gorgeous Brazilian? CéU - Lenda (same song, better sound) CéU - Ave Cruz CéU interview in Portuguese (I think)...
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    Xbox 360 doesn't recognize two DAPs at once?

    I plugged in my recently acquired Zune while my iPod was still plugged in and it appears that the xbox can't recognize two DAPs at once. Is this normal?
  5. DRSpeed85

    Re: Super fi.5 pro with damaged shell but sounds perfect *cheap*

    I have a pair of black 5 pros with a cracked shell. Despite the crack, the sound is not affected at all. This sale includes the 5 pro, the metal case and related accessories. Asking price is $old Please PM me if you need any info or pics.
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    Helpme find a PCDP!

    My ipod ran out of space from all the lossless files, so I decided I'll just listen to the CDs. I listen to my music alot while studying so I want something portable with a good lineout. I have a hornet and a pair of E500s hooked up to my ipod, and I plan to retain those for this CD player as...
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    FS: AT A900 new! *Low price*

    I have a fairly new pair of A900s for sale. I bought this pair of A900s last month but decided to go for Shure E500s instead. I tried it out a few times but during most of the past month, it remained packed in it's original packaging. Didn't have time to sell until now. Asking price is $...
  8. DRSpeed85

    WTB: Denon DCP-100

    I'm looking for a DCP-100 in reasonable condition. My ipod's running out of space due to lossless files, so I just decided to listen to the original CDs instead. Please PM me and we can discuss a price.
  9. DRSpeed85

    Import CDs (expensive!) or purchase from iTunes?

    There is a band called [re:jazz] that I am really interested in, but their albums don't seem to reach stateside. They make slightly modernized jazz music. Go to IMAGES Anyway, to get their CDs I need to import them directly from Germany which costs more than I...
  10. DRSpeed85

    IC: AT A900

    I have a pair of A900s that I purchased but decided that I want something else. It hasn't even arrived yet, but I'll be shipping it upon arrival. Send me PM if interested.
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    WTB: Audigy 2 ZS Laptop soundcard

    Send me a PM if u have one for sale.
  12. DRSpeed85

    FS: RSA HR-2

    This is an extremely early version of the HR-2 amp and has some rather unusual asthetic details compared to the regular production versions. First off, it has a non-polished black aluminium case, a black volume knob and it also lacks silk screening. Interestingly, it doesn't even have a serial...
  13. DRSpeed85

    Looking for a distinctly un-headfi component.

    Well I'm going back home during winter and I'm bring my xbox 360 with me. I obviously can't bring my hdtv, so I'm gonna have to hook my 360 up with an lcd monitor from my desktop pc. Thing is, the vga connection is not a problem, but I having trouble with the RCA from the 360's cable. My crappy...
  14. DRSpeed85

    FS/FT: Grado RS-1 for K701 or HD650

    I realised the RS-1 isn't for me, so I'm putting this up for sale. It is in great condition and comes with all the original packaging as well as a pair of flat pads. I'm interested in a trade for K701 or HD650 + cash. Asking price is $560. PM me for pics and further details.
  15. DRSpeed85

    IC: Ray Samuel Audio Emmeline HR-2

    I'm considering to sell my HR-2 amp to finance a trip to europe. As you see I haven't fully decided yet if I will sell this or not but if the price is right, then I will. This particular HR-2 is one of the earliest examples. It doesn't even have a serial number which puts it in "near" prototype...
  16. DRSpeed85

    How to get rid of hiss??

    I seem to have a rather hissy set up but I can't figure out where it is coming from. I know for a fact that it is definitely not from my headphone and amp. It must be from the computer, ipod, foobar or dac. I'm guessing the dac might not be the source. If so, then is it my computer that is...
  17. DRSpeed85

    WTT: Grado flatpads for bowlpads

    Looking for a fairly new pair of bowl pads to trade with my flats pads that I used only 3~4 times very briefly. My GS1000 sound terrible with flats.
  18. DRSpeed85

    Glass CD vs SACD in terms of SQ?

    I have a friend who advocates quantity (of CDs and iPod capacity) as opposed to my approach for sound quality. He was asking me if I would consider that new glass CD they just started selling in Japan. I replied that I'd rather use the money to fund a decent SACD player but we both couldn't...
  19. DRSpeed85

    Head-fi economics

    Being both a business major and an active headfier, I often think of the economics involved in this forum. I've been active in this forum for quite a while now, but I realise that the total sum of the money I spent is considerably less than I have initially thought. Clearly, there are...
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    FS: Saint's Row

    I bought this a few weeks ago, but hardly played it at all. Playing homie just isn't my thing. In mint condition! No scratches on the CD. Asking for $38 shipped.
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    FS: Little Dot II+

    I have a little dot II+ in great condition. I never experienced any reliability issues. A great contender to the H5 IMHO. Also a fantastic entry level tube amplifier. Asking for $110.
  22. DRSpeed85

    WTB: RSA HR-2

    Looking for a HR-2 in good condition! Please don't hesitate to make an offer. Send me a PM!!
  23. DRSpeed85

    IC/FT:Grado GS-1000

    I decided to sell my GS-1000s to get a pair of RS-1s. Please send me PMs if you are interested. Asking price is $880. Pics should be up soon.
  24. DRSpeed85

    FS: Beyer DT770/80 Pro

    I have a pair of DT770s in great condition. These headphones are built like a tank, so no reliability problems at all. The letterings on the left cup is slightly faded, but otherwise in fantastic condition. I also have the original packaging as well. These make fantastic gaming cans. I played my...
  25. DRSpeed85

    iPod hype finally cooling down?

    For some reason I get the impression that iPods are no longer the opject of absolute hip anymore. When I was a freshman in university 2 years ago, people were absolutely raving about them getting iPods and atleast since the ipod mini came out, I remember it recieving campus wide attention...