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  1. stereophile

    WTB - One Monitor for Superfi 5 Pro

    Just need to buy one side (left) to replace monitor/housing unit for my Superfi 5 Pros. Please post or send me a PM if you have one of these.  
  2. stereophile

    WTB - One Driver for ATH-ES7

    Just need to buy one driver for my ATH-ES7 headphones. Please post or send me a PM if you have one of these.
  3. stereophile

    ATH-ES7 Essential Mod (w. Headshots)

    This mod really improved the comfort of the phones for me. This was a pleasant surprise, as I mainly did the mod to improve the looks and so they'd conform to my head better. Excellent. It does almost feel like the manufacturer meant for the user to do this -- they should put this in the user...
  4. stereophile

    ATH-ES7 Essential Mod (w. Headshots)

    3X0, imho you have provided one of the best bang for the buck mods on this site. (ie a mod that can be done in under 2 minutes and results in big improvements)
  5. stereophile

    Apple IEM - most underrated IEMs on the market

    I didn't mean to rain on this parade though, of course this is just one listener's op -- as always the best bet is to listen to them. If you have an Apple store near you, you can buy them & return in 2 weeks with nothing lost except time.
  6. stereophile

    Apple IEM - most underrated IEMs on the market

    Vibes: I bought 1st gen just after they first came out a couple years ago. Sound was ok -- and just okay. But IMO more listenable generally than the Apple IEMs. However, the build quality of the Vibe cables is infamously bad. The cable frayed around the metal plug within a few weeks, and I got...
  7. stereophile

    Apple IEM - most underrated IEMs on the market

    These are among the most disappointing IEMs I've bought. I found the Apple IEM's way too tinny, okay at treble, mediocre in the midrange, and just unbelievably unable to produce anything that one might call bass. They distorted quickly at low volume levels, apparently unable to handle the power...
  8. stereophile

    Does Keeping Left and Right Cables on "Correct Sides" Effect SQ on Your Headphones?

    To those of you of the opinion that it doesn't matter -- What about music that is recorded so that you can feel the sound "moving" from left to right (and vice-versa) across the stage? The fact that movement is reversed makes no difference to you? I guess I subscribe to the idea that the left...
  9. stereophile

    Does Keeping Left and Right Cables on "Correct Sides" Effect SQ on Your Headphones?

    Does Left and Right Matter on Your Headphones? I've seen some posters on here claim it doesn't, even Sponsors (Vibes) posting that they can't tell a difference when L-R is reversed. I've always thought it DOES matter big time, and agree more with posts along the lines like the one I...
  10. stereophile

    Modified usage of 5pro

    I see pros & cons regarding some users are saying this mod improves SQ, while others say it makes SQ worse. Now that some time has passed, can experienced Superfi.5 users tell us their opinion: do you prefer the SQ when wearing the 5's as orginally intended, or do you prefer this mod...
  11. stereophile

    Best noise insolating earphones for motorcycling

    Interesting thread. On a related issue: What's the best kind of blindfold to wear while riding? I'm a motorcyle enthusiast also...several of my friends are into racing and one just went pro. We got onto this topic and they told me that zero pro racers listen to music while racing, and they...
  12. stereophile

    To those hating the Vibes

    Quote: Originally Posted by _M2 Its good, but not $101usd+tax good and if you really want to spend money, you can save that money and spend it somewhere better I've seen the Vibes on sale for as low as $59 lately. Just to balance my comment above: I think if they fix the plug...
  13. stereophile

    To those hating the Vibes

    I like the Vibes sound a lot. My problem is with the poor build quality in the cabling, especially around the plug. Way too many failures, including mine after 6 weeks. Lost connection at the plug on both channels. To compound matters, the company won't acknowledge a problem with the cable...
  14. stereophile

    Best Name Ever for Headphones?

    Well if we're being more serious... Superfi & Ultimate Ear are not bad -- they are attractive consumer names. Vibes...? hm, could be a good name... Am I the only one who hates a phone with "bass" anywhere in the name? Don't get me wrong, I like bass -- I just don't need it in the name...
  15. stereophile

    Anyone have a crazy sensory experience while listening to headphones?

    <Anyone have a crazy sensory experience while listening to headphones? > Um, every time I put 'em on. Isn't that why we are all here?
  16. stereophile

    V-moda Vibes... The review is finished. (56k beware, big pics...)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cal81 I have an old pair of Shure e2cs (talk about microphonics!) and decided to try its foamies. I did have to gently widen the inner sleeve with a knife but managed to fit them on. The large foams were too boomy but the mediums were just right. The bass...
  17. stereophile

    Anyone tried these Shure-like foamies? ?? Are these of a consistency more like Shure's new black foamies, or more like the yellow/orange Shure tips?
  18. stereophile

    V-moda Vibes... The review is finished. (56k beware, big pics...)

    Interesting discussion. Does anyone know of good foamies that will work with Vibes with no alterations? I heard 5's and Shure e2c foamies will work? Does anyone know if the new Shure black foamies will work with the Vibes? Here's something the V-Moda rep on this thread will be...
  19. stereophile

    If I could design an iem....

    It would be interchangeable with at least 10 types and sizes of tips, and it would come with a pack of all sizes: foamies, double & triple flanges, silicone, etc.
  20. stereophile

    'Boominess' on v-moda vibe

    Quote: Originally Posted by penguindude Again, i think the boominess is due to improper fitting. But if you want to even out the sound, you will want to increase the the mids onward frequency a bit. Agree. In fact, I like the sound of my Vodas much more with EQ settings of around...
  21. stereophile

    V-Moda Vibes: out of the box impressions.

    Try dropping the bass end on your EQ. I felt like the bass in the Vibes was masking and submerging everything else, so I lower the bass on the EQ, then bump up the mids and highs, and they open up kind of nicely -- in an interestng sort of way. ~EQ: -3/-2, 0, 1, 2 (or more extreme as needed --...
  22. stereophile

    Top Workout IEM's - Sound Quality - Under $200? Superfi 5/E4/D-jays, AT CK7, or...?

    Please list your favorite great SQ workout/gym friendly IEM's (or could be earbuds) for under $200? Can these IEM's handle the gym environment?: Superfi 5's, E4, D-jays, Audio Technica ATH-CK7. Please let me know if I should remove any of these from consideration becaue they're not...
  23. stereophile

    Sennheiser street series questions/suggestions please

    Quote: Originally Posted by mcramen mx55 and mx75 look similar but I would say they probably different. I'm pretty sure higher number line is better than lower one, since MX90 OMX90 LX90 are the top line for their current earbud scheme. Thats usually true, but not always - with...
  24. stereophile

    Something to block out idiot neighbors' dogs

    ha, yes something like that