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  1. xenochimera

    ODAC+O2 combo

    looking for a JDS ODAC+O2 combo in great condition, located in USA.
  2. xenochimera

    Fiio e9/e7 combo

    Mint condition Fiio e9/e7 combo for sale, includes original boxes. $125 shipped within CONUSA or $100 shipped if you buy my HD 650 as well.     Trades: behringer uca202+$ on your end OR fiio e17+$ on your end     Feedback:
  3. xenochimera

    Mint condition Sennheiser HD 650

    Mint condition HD 650 for sale, this is the silver screen version and I am the original owner. No scuffs or dents, original cable. Also includes the original box, 1/4-1/8 adapter, paperwork. $325 shipped within CONUSA OBO.     EDIT: i have feedback here before the the new system...
  4. xenochimera

    WTB: Sony PSP 2000

    Looking for a PSP 2000 in good to mint condition, must be either the silver, white (vadar) or red version (god of war). Do not need any accessories but if you have them, I am willing to purchase.
  5. xenochimera

    Audioengine a2 alternatives?

    I am looking for smaller speakers since my desk space is extremely limited, I can setup 2 small speaker stands to accomodate slightly larger speakers but nothing bookshelf size. I heard some a2s and were not impressed at all, especially at $200. so anything else I should be looking at? must be...
  6. xenochimera

    WTB Audio gd NFB-12

    Like title states, I would like to buy a NFB-12, I reside in NY and I am Paypal verified.
  7. xenochimera

    WTB: Audio gd NFB-12

    Like title states, I would like to buy a NFB-12, I reside in NY and I am Paypal verified.
  8. xenochimera

    bx5a vs c100 vs rp5

    Hi everyone since i sold all my portable gear since i don't have any opportunity to use those anymore, and decided to invest in computer audio. my room isn't too big so i decided on built in amplified near field speakers and from what i have been reading/seeing, these 3 are pretty good for the...
  9. xenochimera

    WTB netbook.

  10. xenochimera

    good place to buy used DSLR?

    so i have gotten rid of all my audio gear for sometime now, and i am thinking about going into photography. i have a nikon n6006 35mm slr that someone gave to me as a gift but now i want to move into the DSLR arena. just wondering what are some good places to buy used gear? i am specifically...
  11. xenochimera


    some of here should still have money to buy cigarettes right?? personally enjoy nat shermans, but they are quite expensive, what do you smoke?
  12. xenochimera


    Shwin purchased a 8GB cowon d2 off of me, smooth transaction, great communications, excellent buyer.
  13. xenochimera

    computer speaker suggestions/recommendations...must be cheap lol.

    hey guys im planning on getting some speakers as mines are 7 years old and are in crappy condition. i just need something relatively decent, the ksc-75s of speakers so to speak. i am hoping to keep this under $50 which i know isn't a lot but i just plan on gaming and watching some movies on...
  14. xenochimera

    Sony Ericsson W595, blue, 2 weeks old.

    got this phone with my contract, do not like small keypads. great phone overall, include all original accessories plus car charger. not a single scratch. phone comes with 2GB of memory. price: $210 shipped. trades: nokia e71, i will add $0-$70 depending on condition.
  15. xenochimera

    For Sale/For Trade: Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10.

    Hi I listed this maybe a month or two ago here, but an emergency required me to leave the country for an extended period of time. its a long story but i was not able to access the internet for extended period of time until recently. sorry if i did not reply to your PMs. anyways, here it is...
  16. xenochimera

    WTT: my UE Triple 10 for your Super fi 5+Cash

    my trips are in like new condition, under 50 hours usage. however, those things are BULKY, and i have problems fitting with these. sure sounds great but i dont like to be on the subway with 2 cloth pins stuck out of my ears. super fi 5s (NO EXTENDED BASS VERSION) fit much better for me and i am...
  17. xenochimera

    Triple Fi Pro made in China?? or mines are fakes...

    hey guys got my triples on the box it says made in china. no knocks against chinese products but this is an high quality product, like how HD650s are made in Ireland?? and higher end AKGs are still made in Austria? sooo did i get fakes or what?
  18. xenochimera

    how important are volume attenuators??

    i bought a pair of triple fis and just wondering if i should get a volume attenuator for it to use with my cowon d2...what are your thoughts?
  19. xenochimera

    WTB UE triple fi 10

    got'em. thanks for all offers.
  20. xenochimera

    FS Nokia n800 internet tablet

    used for approx 20 hours, updated to OS 2008. I thought i would use it a lot more than i actually can, thus no use for it. includes all original accessories, and also boxwave screen protector (already applied, no bubbles $15 value.), leather carrying case ($26 value), Kingston 1GB SD card...
  21. xenochimera

    UE Triple fi 10 for $350ish or something else?

    just to use with either a cowon d2 or creative zen unamped. this the best choice for IEM or should i get something else for that price?
  22. xenochimera

    are the triple fi 10s worth the extra bucks compared to super fi 5 pro?

    just a thought since i can get rid of some my stuff and can pretty much come up with the cash for a set of triple fi 10s. looks awesome, but are they 2x as awesome as the super fi 5 pros?
  23. xenochimera

    such a hard decision, final 4 IEM choices for me, help me choose head-fi!!

    soo i made a thread a couple days ago about which IEM to get for around 130-170 range. i am down to 3(4) choices, and here they are UE Super fi 5 Pro Atrio M5 Atrio M8 (cant find any information on this one, info would be greatly appreciated) Denon AH-C700 i plan to use these with a...
  24. xenochimera

    $150 range, IEM suggestions?

    hey guys just wondering what IEM i should get next. i currently use marshmallows 1 and 2, however, i just used my friends UE super fi 5, and they sound amazing, probably will order that, but just want to hear other suggestions here. EDIT: will be using new IEMs with 1st gen Zune, 1st gen...
  25. xenochimera

    creative zen vision M (refurb) $100 - Creative Zen Vision: M 30 GB MP3 and Video Player (Black) -Recertified - CE00323C its part of their blackfriday II deals. enjoy