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  1. jonathanjong

    ER4p...iPhone case?

    So, the ER4p jack is a pretty hefty beast. My iPhone case apparently occludes too much of the space around the headphone in. ER4 users, what case do you suggest for an iPhone 5s?
  2. jonathanjong

    ESW10JPN replacement head cushion?

    Hey,   I see that a few people on eBay are selling replacement headband cushions for ESW9 and ESW10JPN. Anyone have experience with them? Or is there an official replacement part? I can't find one on the AT website. Thanks.
  3. jonathanjong

    Recommendations for portable amps for mobile phone: interference/static noise and shielding

    Hi,   I'm in the market for a portable amp, but one of the things I've found annoying about them is the fact that wifi/3G/4G causes annoying static noises if they're not shielded properly, etc. So, I'd like to know of you positive experiences with slim, very portable amps that don't have this...
  4. jonathanjong

    Inline mic for HD25?

    Has anyone here ever seen or heard of an HD25 cable with an inline mic? Is this possible?
  5. jonathanjong

    I've been gone for a while; catch me up on DAC/amp setups for an iPhone in the office?

    I've spent the last year or so finishing of my thesis, and now it's good to be back (and at a real job!).   So, I'm thinking of using my iPhone 4S (and iPad 2) as my sources at work, mainly listening through a Grado RS1. I'd like to know what's available these days in terms of DAC/amp...
  6. jonathanjong

    Just moved to the UK. Who does re-cabling here?

    In particular, I'd like to get my Beyerdynamic DT1350 recabled. Any takers? :)
  7. jonathanjong

    Anyone ever tried dying HD414 pads with Noodler's Black ink?

    I might be about to, and was wondering if it's waterproof if I dilute the ink and apply it to the foam.
  8. jonathanjong

    Bang for the buck ESW10JPN recable

    I'm having problems with my left channel coming in and out when I move the cable, so I'm looking for a recabling option. Any ideas for a bang-for-the-buck recable for a cable sceptic? ALO seems crazy steep. APureSound's alright at US$180, and then there's Null Audio Studio doing one for SG$106...
  9. jonathanjong

    Your favourite interpretations/versions of the following Christmas songs:

    Gabriel's Message Hark! The Herald Angels Sing In the Bleak Midwinter Little Drummer Boy O Come O Come Emmanuel O Holy Night O Little Town of Bethlehem Silent Night The First Noel What Child is This?
  10. jonathanjong

    Thank you vinyl junkies.

    Some time ago, I forayed to this part of Head-Fi all newbie-like and some of you chipped in and taught me loads about setting up a budget vinyl rig. All your affirmations and recommendations on the Sansui SR-222, Grado Black, and NAD receiver were spot on. Since then, I've picked up a...
  11. jonathanjong

    Cheap ~16GB DAP?

    A friend's looking for a decent budget ~16GB mp3 player, and I didn't know what to recommend. She's thinking cheaper than an iPod Nano. What are the options? Cowon? Sansa? iRiver?
  12. jonathanjong

    Headphones in Richard Curtis's "Pirate Radio" or "Boat that Rocked"

    There were a lot of them. Let's point them out. I'll start with the easy one: Panasonic RP-HTX7-W1. Edit: Thanks foe the heads up on North American name change.
  13. jonathanjong

    Grado SR325i + LD MkIII?

    So, I've been told that OTL amps like MkIII are generally unsuitable for low impedance cans. By all accounts, they should do well with my HD580, but my SR325i is a 32 ohm (I think) can, after all. Anyone who owns both MkIII and SR325i care to comment? P.S.: I have another thread up for EF2 v...
  14. jonathanjong

    SOLD: Nuforce Icon Mobile

    I'm selling my Mobile because it's not seen much use recently. There's a dent in the top cover, and residue from Velcro strips at the bottom. I'm asking $55 shipped worldwide + PP fee if applicable.
  15. jonathanjong

    Toobers, suggest me a tube amp :)

    So, it's about time I had a full-sized amp, and I was thinking of getting into tubes. Now, I will be using the amp primarily with the following headphones: 1. Grado SR325i 2. Sennheiser HD580 And also with: 1. Audio Technica ESW10JPN 2. Audio Technica ESW9 3. Grado MS2i I currently...
  16. jonathanjong

    Anyone interested in an NZ meet?

    It's summertime soon, and I thought it'd be a cool idea. And by the way, there's an NZ group here. Lemme know if you're interested! Edit: Ah, bugger. I put this in the wrong forum by mistake. Then again, I'll get more publicity here... I'm sure the mods will move this in due course.
  17. jonathanjong

    WTB: HD600 grills

    Anyone have a set to sell? Or can anyone help me buy them new?
  18. jonathanjong

    FS: K601 for US$130 (am in NZ, will ship worldwide) *SOLD*

    I bought this some time ago from a fellow Head-Fier. They're used and look so, but are in good condition and sound great. I'm asking US$130 for them, plus shipping. Photos available here: Flickr: seejonhere's Photostream
  19. jonathanjong

    Anyone remember this?

    Gosh I haven't experienced this in a while. Have you?
  20. jonathanjong

    Upgrade from Denon D2000 Redux

    So, I lost my Denon AH-D2000. Yea. They were wonderfully recabled by Qusp, too. Anyway, I'm taking the opportunity for an upgrade. The main contender so far is Shure SRH840, and by all accounts it is an upgrade from D2000. Any naysayers? As for other recommendations: I'm in the market...
  21. jonathanjong

    WTB: 1/4" headphone extension cable.

    The Grado cable's too short, so I need an extension. Grado's own cable – 5m long – seems a bit too long, but I'd take that. I just can't find the darned thing here in NZ.
  22. jonathanjong

    Call for Comparisons: Shure SRH440 v SRH840 (extra points for mentioning Denon D2000)

    The Shure closed-backs have been out for a while now, and yet there are still very few reviews and no substantial comparisons across the line-up. Most people seem to prefer the SRH840 over Denon's alleged sweet spot, but goodness knows how much of that's FOTM-talk. Here are a few starting...
  23. jonathanjong

    Upgrade from Denon D2000?

    Back to question-asking time, after several months lurking and answering others' questions. I'm not quite ready to upgrade, but I want to know what the live options are if I want to move up from D2000. Here are some considerations: I want a full-sized can, either closed-back or an open-back...
  24. jonathanjong

    Speaker question: Wharfedale 9.0 bookshelf speakers any good?

    I'm looking for a cheap pair of 2.0s for my computer (hooked up to a NAD 7020, and these came up. Any ideas? (I know, I know. It's hard to find A2s or A5s; Klipsch Promedias; Aego Ms; Swann, etc. for cheap here.)
  25. jonathanjong


    I'm pleased to start a feedback thread for maguire. He sold me his stock HD580s for a very reasonable price, and they arrived quickly and well-packaged, and in pristine condition. I fell sick right after we struck a deal, and was unable to pay for a few days, but Stan was a perfect gentleman...