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  1. ttnl

    For sale : Audio-GD Phoenix

    for sale is a perfect-conditioned Audio-GD Phoenix.  There is no dent, no mark on the amp, and it works perfectly.  The amp was bought directly from Kingwa at the end of 2009, but was rarely used.  The amp will be shipped in the original box with all the cables coming with it.  Price is US $950...
  2. ttnl

    For sale: balanced Sennheiser HD600

    for sale is a perfect conditioned Sennheiser HD600 from a non-smoking, no-pet house.  Bought new at the end of 2009, but rarely used, with roughly about 50 hours of usage.  The headphone is always kept in the box when not in use.  It comes with balanced cable made by Double Helix Cables.  I...
  3. ttnl

    FS: Mingda MC84-C07 amp

    Up for sale is the Mingda MC84-C07 amp. This amp can be used with headphone or can be used to drive a pair of small speakers. This amp is in brand new condition, and may require break-in. I have had this amp for about 3 months, but only used it for about 10 hours total. I will also include a...
  4. ttnl

    Sold: M^3 + S11 PSU

    up for sale is a combo M^3 amp and S11 PSU built by Naamanf on Head-fi. The combo is in perfect working condition and well broken-in. Some details on the amp and PSU: This M³ is housed in two Hammond 1455T2201BK cases with special zebra wood front/rear panels and knobs made by naamanf. The...
  5. ttnl

    FS: Darkvoice 336i in like-new condition ***SOLD***

    Hi, up for sale is a mint black Darkvoice 336i. It is in like-new condition. The Darkvoice 336i and 336SE are the same internally, so why pay $350 for a 336SE when you can get it broken-in ready for use at a much cheaper price here. The total hour on the amp is about ~ 80 hrs. I will include 1...
  6. ttnl

    question for Squeezebox Duet owners

    Hi, I have some questions for Squeezebox Duet owners. I have only one laptop for both entertainment and school work. Therefore, I have to disconnect the external hard drive from the laptop everyday. So, will the Squeezebox still function properly with constant removal of the sources, which are...
  7. ttnl

    IC: Ipod Touch 8 GB 1st gen

    This is an interest check for a like-new Ipod Touch 8Gb 1st gen. The ipod has front and back BestSkinForever applied on, so no or minimal scratch. Please PM your offer if interested. Low ball offers will be ignored. Thanks.
  8. ttnl

    Help me with my quest to get a bit-perfect audio signal

    Hi, right now I try to get a bit-perfect set-up with my existing equipments. I want to connect my external hard drive with lossless music files to my Sony PS3. Then I connect the PS3 optical out to the external DAC. Do you think this set-up would work, and I would get a bit-perfect signal? I...
  9. ttnl

    Is there a way to by-pass the Ipod's internal DAC?

    Hello, I wonder if there is a way to by-pass the Ipod's internal DAC. I want to improve the sound coming out of the Ipod by using an external DAC. Thanks.
  10. ttnl

    WTB: Gamma 1 DAC full configuration

    Hi, I am looking for a Gamma 1 DAC full configuration (USB, optical, coaxial inputs). If you have one for sale, please PM me. Thanks.
  11. ttnl

    Is Opamp-based amp inferior to discrete amp?

    Is Opamp-based amp inferior to discrete amp? What is your thought about this? After reading reviews, and people's opnion about amps, it seems to me that discrete amp is superior to opamp-based amp. For example, M^3 vs. KICAS. I have seen about 3-4 headfiers saying they have sold their M^3 in...
  12. ttnl

    FS: Millet Starving Student amp *** Sold ***

    Up for sale is a Millet Starving Student hybrid amp aka The Flying Saucer. The amp has 1 RCA input, and one 1/8 mini input. The output is 1/4. The wall wart is included. The amp functions perfectly. It has less than 5 hr on the tubes, so the tubes are like brand new. I just bought a M^3 amp, so...
  13. ttnl

    Need help with optimal configuration for M^3 amp

    Hi, please help me with an optimal configuration for M^3 amp. My source will be Ipod (maybe better source later), and my headphones include Senn Hd600, Grado SR225 and Ety ER4ps. 1. Please recommend me an optimal gain setting for this amp (at least for use with Hd600 and Sr225). 2. Is the...
  14. ttnl

    WTB: Darkvoice 336i/336SE or Little Dot MK III/IV

    Hi, I am looking to buy either Darkvoice 336i/336SE or Little Dot MK III/IV. If you want to sell yours, please PM me. Thank you.
  15. ttnl

    WTB: new HD600 earpads

    Hi, I am looking for a new pair of Sennheise HD600 earpads. Please PM me if you have a spared pair. Thanks.
  16. ttnl

    Help! Which one gives the best bang for the buck?

    Please help me to find the best headphone for the money. A poor student in a bad economy, I am a little hesitant to spend a lot of money on headphones I never have a chance to try before buying. I listen to a wide variety of music genre. I also just bought a Starving Student amp. So please give...
  17. ttnl

    Does anyone ever compare PORTA CORDA MkIII and SuperMini IV

    Does anyone ever compare PORTA CORDA MkIII and SuperMini IV? I just read the review of PORTA CORDA MkIII by Skylab and it sounds like an awesome amp for the price. I just got my Imod yesterday and still no amp from Xin. I don't want to wait till the end of summer for the SuperMini. If the sound...
  18. ttnl

    wrong forum

    Oop wrong forum! Wow, you guys are fast. I just realized the mistake right after I posted and someone already spotted it.
  19. ttnl

    How good are they, Zu cables and Revelationaudiolabs cables?

    How good are they, Zu cables and Revelationaudiolabs cables, when using with Imod? Are they comparable to mini-mini cables from ALO, Moon? Any opinion will be appreciated. These cables are so expensive. I don't want to go wrong on this. Please help. Thanks.
  20. ttnl

    Which is better for Imod, a silver or copper mini to mini cable?

    Hi, I wonder what works best for Imod, a silver or copper mini to mini cable? Also, please recommend me some good mini-to-mini cables for Imod? Thanks.
  21. ttnl

    Is Zune + amp = Kenwood HD30GB9 in term of SQ?

    Is Zune + amp = Kenwood HD30GB9 in term of SQ? Assume that the amp is a Xin supermicro IV and the headphone is Shure E500? Thanks.
  22. ttnl

    Question about Xin Supermicro IV

    Hi, what are the required accessory for Xin Supermicro IV? Do I need a power supply for it? Can I use rechargeable battery on it? Does the amp come with the cable? Thanks for helping.
  23. ttnl

    Is Little Dot Micro + good to use with shure e500

    Hi, Is Little Dot Micro + good to use with shure e500 and Zune? Or please suggest some good amp under 100. Please help a newbie. Thanks.
  24. ttnl

    question about Zune music convert?

    Hi Zune owners, do you know how to stop the Zune from converting mp3 files with bitrate over 192 to lower quality files? I just noticed this today. My Zune automatically converts files with bitrate over 192 to whatever bitrate the player specifies when I sync the music. Thanks.
  25. ttnl

    WTB: ER4P or E4c

    Hi, I am looking for a pair of ER4P or E4c in mint or like new condition. Please PM me your offer. Thanks.