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  1. bcpk

    MiniBox E+ battery replacement?

    Is it possible to replace the MiniBox's battery? Something seems to be wrong with mine. The orange light at the back flickers briefly when I plug in the charger and then nothing appears. It works fine running off mains but when I remove the cord it dies...
  2. bcpk

    [EU] Meelectronics A151

    Unopened A151s. Bought them during the Cyber Monday sale on impulse, quickly realized my foolishness (I already own DBA-02s...) and have no need for another pair of universals that I won't use. Want to pass on that discount to somebody else here.   Price includes shipping within Europe.  ...
  3. bcpk

    [BARGAIN] Refurbished Sansa Fuze 4GB Black $30 (   Via slickdeals.
  4. bcpk

    FiiO E7 Review

    The FiiO E7 portable DAC/Amp unit is a highly-anticipated device from this relatively new budget audio manufacturer. Following the popularity of their E3 and particularly their E5 mini amplifier, FiiO is looking to move into higher performance portable amp territory. Coupled with an internal...
  5. bcpk

    Reducing ER-4 microphonics - alt. cable?

    I've (hopefully) nabbed a pair of ER-4Ps in the / Amazon UK sale, and I'm terribly excited. I've wanted these IEMs for nearly 5 years now, since way back when I was researching my purchase of the ER-6s and the 4s were retailing at around $250. Back then, the ER-4s were regarded as...
  6. bcpk

    FiiO S9 owners?

    OK, so it's a portable speakers, not quite the right category. Anyway, just got mine. They don't sound great so far... tinny and a lot of echo inside along with almost no bass. I had gathered a fairly positive impression from reading around on the net, so I wonder if these speakers still...
  7. bcpk

    Music-minded people, win some MTB Gold/Coppers.

    Steve Gutenberg, CNet's audiophile correspondent, is doing a competition in conjunction with The 404 podcast. The 6 best entries win a pair of Golds or Coppers. Listen to today's episode of The 404 for some more info - The 404 Podcast - CNET Blogs. The two categories are pure and spacious...
  8. bcpk

    iPod 5G DAC vs Fuze DAC

    I just got my hands on a Fuze, and I'm wondering whether it would be worth my while getting a LOD for it. I have an iPod 5G (Video) which I plan to use with an LOD and FiiO E7, but if the Fuze w/ LOD and E7 would be noticeably better then I may consider going with that ... even though a Fuze LOD...
  9. bcpk

    Frequency Response graphs are a curious thing.

    Subject 1 : Sony MDR-V6, famous for their analytical monitoring sound. Subject 2 : Grado SR60, famous for their rockability. So, uh ...
  10. bcpk

    Head-Direct RE0 vs Etymotic HF5

    OK, I've been thinking between the RE0 and HF5. RE0s are £10 cheaper, but I think I would pay the extra money for the HF5 because of their fantabulous isolation. Also the RE0s have twice the impedance of the HF5s which means they're quite quiet unless you buy an extra amp eg a FiiO E1 (£15)...
  11. bcpk

    JVC HA-M750 UK stockist / Intl. Seller ?

    I just sent this message to : Quote:'s initial price for the HA-M750s was £52. This was already very expensive for what is a mid-range pair of headphones. They are now £66. HA-M750s are available for $45 in the USA. £66 is $105 USD. Good luck selling them at that...
  12. bcpk

    As a prospective Nexus One owner, this image depresses me.

    I am very interested in the Google Nexus One / HTC Passion phone. I was hopeful that I could use it as my DAP instead of my aging iPod Video. The above image is discouraging, to say the least. HTC better have put some serious work into the audio department since the Hero.
  13. bcpk

    Non-USA TF10 orderers

    I can't be the only person who has TF10s on their way by some 3rd party in the USA ... and a rather harrowing thought has struck me : what happens if they break? I presume their warranty is region-specific, aka I'm screwed?
  14. bcpk

    Now that's what I call music!

    freesound :: view sample
  15. bcpk

    NE-7M vs ER6

    Quick question here. I bought my girlfriend a pair of NuForce NE-7Ms, expecting them to be noticeably better than my Etymotic ER6s. Was I misled? Nonplussed by them so far, though they are very sexy and more comfortable than the Etys.
  16. bcpk

    NuForce NE-7M question

    I've just bought a pair of NE-7Ms. In my mad rush to buy them it completely slipped my mind that they are for iPhones, not computers. So the mic won't work for, say, Skype. My question is this : Is there such a thing as a single 4-pin 3.5mm to two 3-pin 3.5mm (stereo + mic) splitter? I've tried...
  17. bcpk

    100% accurate microphone?

    Just posted on Engadget : Quote: The press release on this one is full of superlatives, but somehow most of them seem justified. Schwartz Engineering & Design just announced its Laser-Accurate microphone technology, which promises to provide "pure sound" from a microphone for the "first...