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  1. oxymoron

    FS: JBL Reference 410 - near new

    Sold. Thanks.
  2. oxymoron

    FS: "AT-EC7"-style buds

    sorry, I removed this item and did not know how to delete.
  3. oxymoron

    FS: Bose Triport OE (On-Ear) - rights side not working

    SOLD - thanks to all who PM'd original text: I am selling my pair of Bose Triport OE on-ear headphones. Good condition except the right side stopped working for no reason that I could find. I did not want to probe further. Left side works perfectly. Perhaps you're adept at electronics or...
  4. oxymoron

    Subway cans (non IEM) - Bose On-Ear or ?

    Hi, I'm looking for recommendations. Here's my situation and experience: I ride the Toronto subway to work a half-hour each way. It's very noisy. I've got tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and every iem/canal earphone just makes the ringing go insane! Buds are better, but still have fit issues...