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  1. materix01

    V-Moda Zn or Forza Metallo ? :D

    On pure sound quality, the 1More Triples
  2. materix01

    Simgot EN700 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Got the Simgot EN700B yesterday. A bit early. It's not bad but hasn't got me excited. Treble feels pretty flat and could use more. The carry case looks and feels really nice but I doubt it's real leather. Started to scratch/peel in my pocket after an hour of use by itself in my jeans.
  3. materix01

    V-Moda Zn or Forza Metallo ? :D

    I've only tried the Zn and Forza (normal rather than Metallo), but for the bass quality and quantity and overall for EDM, I would have to say the Zn is your pick. I'm a big fan of V-MODA's customer service and their trade in program as well.
  4. materix01

    Reply to review by 'materix01' on item 'SIMGOT EN700 Bass In Ear N50 High Magnetic Composite Moving-Coil Dynamic Driver Earphone (Red)'

    @Lurk650 I've heard a lot about the Magaosi K3 but I have these Simgots coming in this week. Do you still like them better than the K3s? What parts do you like if you don't mind me asking?
  5. materix01

    Need bluetooth earphones that don't suck.

    Honor 8 doesn't have AAC or aptX hardware support so whatever product you buy will be using standard SBC codec. Since you like wings, the Jaybird X3 is honestly quite good. My favourite is probably still the JLab Epic 2 in terms of out of the box sound and fit (after I made a tip switch). If you...
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  7. materix01

    IEM Suggesting. Budget ~$100. Neutral Sound. Phone Driven. Usable during workouts.

    Thinking the Vsonic Gr07. Pretty neutral that Etymotic fit or sound (which can be a good or bad thing but probably good looking at what you wrote). The over ear design is going to help a lot with keeping them stable during use for things like running. Fairly neutral sound signature.
  8. materix01

    Chapter 1 Reviewing – How Did I Start & How Did It Grow

    Very well put. You address a lot of what I worry and have thought about as a new reviewer. Especially agree with the trend of "hyping and give overly glowing reviews of some products". I certainly have done that unintentionally in my early reviews not because I wanted to shill for a product but...
  9. materix01

    Reply to review by 'materix01' on item 'ORIVETI BASIC - Whole Aluminium Body, High Fidelity, Cable Detachable, In-Ear Headphones (Matt Black)'

    Nice review. Got me curious because I'll get a chance to try them this month.
  10. materix01

    New Member Introductions thread

    Hi everyone. I'm an Australian IEM enthusiast. Not new to IEMs and lurked around Head-Fi for a while but only just made my account here. Hope to participate more around here.
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