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  1. daijobudes

    Hifiman 801 Balanced Amp Card FS

    Balanced Hifiman Amp Card For Sale
  2. daijobudes

    Shozy BG

    Shozy BG 5 driver ba in ear , quite a versatile entrance iem for everyday listening during commute, great fit, comfort and isolation, have for a year now barely using em so i sell em.
  3. daijobudes

    Colorfly C4 Pro

    Selling my oldschool dap which still is very good for the timebeing, for me it is one of the old top pillars as well as Ibasso dx100 , hdp r10, hm 801, ma9...... For any questions DM , no discount , shipping worldwide
  4. daijobudes

    Denon AH-D5000/ 5000

    Selling my beloved and cherished d5000s , one owner, 2 flaws - with time the headband fake leather started to fall off, and the cable near the jack got a little banded over. Otherwise they are purrrfect, my favs in any setup (they do scale up when you throw in a tube amp, they do scale up with...
  5. daijobudes

    WTB Campfire Orion or Nova

    CONUS or EU/UK   WTB Campfire Orion latest revision, cosmetics are not super important.   Do NOT nee a cable. just tips/case/package.   Plus if it's still under warranty.   PM me with pics) Orion or Nova Price is a subject of negotiation
  6. daijobudes

    AUNE M1S

    Great dap that has very good feedback here and my personal opinion is that it is the best Dap in up to 400-500 usd, detailed, fast, revealing.. If you use balanced out it will give you impressively improved depth and overall better imaging and presentation. Very easy controls (unlike prevous...
  7. daijobudes

    WTB QP1R Case

    Want to buy QP1R case, Shipping on me, Condition is not very important. Thank you PM me with pics if you have one for sale
  8. daijobudes

    JVC HA-SW01 / WOOD 01

    Top of the line JVC over ear headphone, with unique sound signature, Portable and very comfortable.  Bought new in August still have the warranty and receipt, box n' papers , mint condition and home use only.   Would consider a trade only for Fostex TH610 (only because it shares same socket...
  9. daijobudes

    SOLD Westone 3 MMCX, Pristine condition, Better than New!

    Westone 3, Pristine condition, Better than NEW!!   Best offer you can find, Upgraded with MMCX connectors from Germany (this connectors are tough as hell), Amazing Price/Quality   They will serve you years ahead, best by far model from Westone, very balanced and non-fatiguing.   For sale / Trade...