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  1. uzziah

    do potential internet speeds (i.e. 3mbps dsl vs. 6mbps cable........or the like) have much impact on download speed of bittornet files?

    i ask because, the best i have ever been able to get on any setup is like 1mbps down, total, of like six different bittorent downloads. usually it's less than that.     so, what i'm asking is this: if i'm only using 1mbps of my bandwidth for utorrent, does it make any difference whether my...
  2. uzziah

    should i run XP or win7 on my older gaming desktop

      EDIT: so..........sorry if this got a bit long, but you can skim it pretty fast and get the gist. i can definitely use a little help, and headfi is where i always go for balanced opinioins on almost any subject, except maybe women  ;)                 so the specs are:  ...
  3. uzziah

    audio for a 90's toyota tacoma

    haven't even got it yet; but i'll be buying a mid-nineties tacoma; i figure i'll probably get regular cab and thus no space for a sub and don't really want one anyway; and sound will build in that small space; do you think i need a seperate amp or can i get buy with a headunit and some good...
  4. uzziah

    routing projector cables in ceiling

    OK, MY BELOVED HEADFI PEOPLE. basically, i start writing normally, but almost right away i veer off into digression land. if you want to read it go for it, but don't feel bad to skip alll of it and just scroll down to where it says "THIS IS THE REAL STUFF YOU'RE SUPPOSSED TO READ" or something...
  5. uzziah

    gonna sell xbox and get ps3

    ok, so after this paragraph i totally go off topic, but it's still worth reading, but what i meant to do with this thread was ask whether you think i should sell my xbox360 and get a ps3. i probably won't be making the purchase for several months, and certainly not until fatwallet or someone...
  6. uzziah

    a little appology

    i've made some weird threads, many of which i believe in, but some that on second review i question i probably should have put this in one of those threads, but i can't find them because i can't think straight, and why i can't is part of the problem i have this chronic lyme disease; this...
  7. uzziah

    what brands to search for on craigslist and other craig's tips

    ok, i wrote a ****-load. a part of me wants to appologize. a part of me wants to weep for putting so much of my good ideas into something so ******* long and ugly that few will probably read, but i'll say this: 1. i won't hold it against you if you don't read, but A. read this here at the...
  8. uzziah

    help me save my dad's life's work: need external HDD

    ok, so ironically my dad works for IBM, but he has ZERO backup on his laptop; he works from home all the time, and if his hdd was lost, he'd be royally ****ed; however, he's a marketing guy, and NOT a tech person; he asked me the other day "what happens when i shut the laptop lid when it's...
  9. uzziah

    older gaming pc: should i use xp or win7?

    so, this system has been a great "investment". i've been able to do a couple minor upgrades, and unless i'm very much mistaken (and let me know if i am), it still can run most games today pretty well. my thinking is that i'll probably do one more upgrade on this system in a year or so: video...
  10. uzziah

    help me finish my surround sound setup

    ok, so i have some lovely energy c9 floorstanders i have a new home theater projector so i think it behooves me to have some surround sound. now, i don't want to spend too much, and i'm not even sure if i want/need a sub concerning the sub: i have an old CHEAP one, would it **** up my...
  11. uzziah

    iphone 3g battery life

    those with iphones, what's your battery life like? i'm looking at a battery under 10%, with 3:10hrs of usage (mostly internet, very little talking)......and nearly 2days of standby maybe that's normal but it feels inadquate i just got the phone a couple weeks ago. a 8gb refurb. i...
  12. uzziah

    chick corea or bb king?

    both coming to LA. gonna get cheap seats for my dad and me for christmas. a tough choice. want to weigh in?
  13. uzziah

    they said it's all about making that G T A

    ........cuz the boys in the hood are always hard............ Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360 - Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox360 Game - Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox 360 Video Game yes, yes, indeed, and yes, yes
  14. uzziah

    how to setup my PC so i can access files via internet?

    so, my desktop is windows xp pro, and my laptop is ubuntu linux i'd like to setup my desktop so that, i can access files on it from my laptop, whether i be home on my personal WiFi router, or anywhere else is there an easy way to do this? for example, i'd like to store music files on...
  15. uzziah

    recording audio from phone call: help

    so i want to buy this JK Audio and plug it in between my phone and computer then i need some software to record the audio what EASY TO USE and simple software can i get (free) for windows xp (or rather, will soon be using vista) thanks
  16. uzziah

    best free windows xp security software

    i seem to be virus prone or something, i had some weird xp issues so i reinstalled my windows xp pro sp2; i use firefox, adaware, spyware blaster, avg-free; anything else i should do?
  17. uzziah

    need hd memory-card camcorder

    need one of these to tape lectures for distance learning classes; looking at the panasonic HDC-SD1 a lot of the time the image will be downscaled below HD but they want an HD camera anyway thoughts? i need a tripod mount and somewhere to plug in an external mic, probably wireless
  18. uzziah

    FS: emu0404 emu 0404 analog out is messed a bit

    this is the desktop PCI card so, i've got my lovely emu0404; i did some modding the analog-out and somehow i messed up and now i only get low volume and static out of the analog out (though i DO get music, just staticy and low volume, so it's not DEAD) anyway, that'll need some fixing to...
  19. uzziah

    dt880 build quality

    i have the new version; i have had them for a year and have not treated them very well; they are in perfect shape; these things are tanks; very pleased with build
  20. uzziah

    av123 sale

    i'm curious how the audiophile (as opposed to videophile) folks feel about av123? they have a sale on now
  21. uzziah

    what's my pc worth?

    so i'm trying to sell this locally on craigslist in socal athlon64 3200 x800gto 1gb ram 160gb seagate 500w psu fan controller w/all four fans on antec case also have a professional CAD sony trinitron 22" what do you think? i'm hoping i can get $500 for the pc, but maybe only $400...
  22. uzziah

    linux has blown me away

    ok, so awhile ago i tried gentoo and gave up rather quickly; but now i got myself a nice older ibm x30 laptop with pIII-m 1.2ghz, 512mb ram, 40gb hdd; so i figure to try linux again, get myself a little extra use out of my hardware, and i just installed ubuntu, mainly because it simply is the...
  23. uzziah

    best home page?

    looking for a new home page; my email is separate but looking for something with lots of news and such on one page; this member forums is actually right up there for me; usually good stuff here; also google home; what do you use? thoughts?
  24. uzziah

    ceiling fan?

    ok, i love them, i need one; live near the beach in socal so no AC, but still gets hot in my bedroom suggestions? any brands better for efficiency? buy online? what do you think? need professional electrician? the ceiling is sloping, and about 15feet up, and there's no electrical box or...
  25. uzziah

    free video conferencing program?

    hi folks, currently i'm using webex for videoconferencing and i've been wondering if there is an equivelant free or open source alternative? anyone find anything else they like? looking for something simple and effective, can hold a number of people at a time, also scrolling chat etc. is there...