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  1. MelloWatic

    Delta Hybrid IEM by Trinity Audio Engineering

    Up for sale is one pair of Delta Hybrid earphone.   The earphone is in perfect working condition and has only been used for a day.   Reason I am selling is to fund for another earphone.     Specifications:     The...
  2. MelloWatic

    Astrotec AX30, AX35 Hybrid IEMs Discussion Thread

    AX30         AX35           It's funny there isn't a thread for these earphones, so I decided to start one.    Feel free to share your opinions of them on this thread.
  3. MelloWatic

    Audio-Technica IM50, IM70 Discussion Thread

    IM50           IM70         Feel free to share your opinions about them.
  4. MelloWatic

    Dual Dynamics and 4 BA CIEM

    Does anyone know how LEAR's new customs sounds like?