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  1. moogoob

    Best recorded rock/metal live albums?

    So, what in your opinion are the best rock or metal live albums in terms of recording quality that you've heard? My nominees are: Rock: Pink Floyd - P.U.L.S.E. I love this one. The audience of the stadium it's recorded at are at the perfect volume. On good headphones (I recommend the...
  2. moogoob

    Looking to move to In-ear for portable... upgrade from Marshmallows

    Hi all, since the unfortunate death of my D1001s I've taken to using my backup portables... namely, JVC Marshmallows. I've finally gotten my ear canals used to them for the hour or so commute I have each morning, but SQ-wise they are... muddy, to say the least. But convenient! I'm used to Grado...
  3. moogoob

    Cocteau Twins: Victorialand 12" 45 RMP vinyl

    Is anyone else familiar with this unique album? Word has it that the engineers were unhappy with the way the minimal soundscapes sounded in 33 1/3, so they mastered it to be played back at 45 RMP. It certainly sounds... spacy and ethereal. Really neat find for me at a used records store.
  4. moogoob

    DVD Player as source - optical to DAC

    Hey all, just a question for those in the know: when I use my Panasonic DVD player to feed an optical signal (from a CD, that's important!) to my Headroom Ultra Micro DAC, is there anything to worry about signal-wise or is the bitstream pretty much as perfectly close to what was on the CD as...
  5. moogoob

    Therion - Gothic Kabbalah - poor mastering?

    I finally got this album. Took me long enough- eh? Well, maybe it's this awful cold I've just caught (roommate works in a hospital, so he brings all sorts of interesting diseases home), but despite me loving the album as a whole, I can't get past the horrid, loud scratchy highs and mids...
  6. moogoob

    The importance of volume to a headphone's presentation.

    Hi all. Recently I've been thinking of something while listening to my 325is. Now, I tend to listen to a wide volume range, with the majority of listening taking place at what most would probably call "not loud". Maybe "medium". Now, I know many people have stressed that phones like the GS1000s...
  7. moogoob

    Just got into the band "The Knife", got some questions if anyone knows.

    Hey all, my brother recently got me into this Swedish band. Very weird electropop with vocals vaguely reminiscent of Bjork. Anyways, I've got a few questions I thought I'd see if anyone here knew the answer to. 1) Who is that guest vocalist on You Take my Breath Away? 2) I take it Olaf...
  8. moogoob

    D1001 in Toronto - where to buy?

    Hey all, I've settled on a pair of Denons for my next cans. Any brick-and-mortar stores in the Toronto area carry them?
  9. moogoob

    Opeth on vinyl with Grados.

    Last night I finally got around to opening my copy of Morningrise that I'd had for a week and throwing it on my turntable. Sadly, my receiver lacks a line out so I couldn't use my amp, but as 325is are easy to drive I just plugged them into the receiver and chilled. WOW what a combo! Black...
  10. moogoob

    Using Bithead as DAC for Micro system

    Hi all, I've decided my next upgrade will most likely be a Micro amp (as tempting as the WA6 is, i need something a bit more versatile) , followed later (when I scrounge up the dough!) by a Micro DAC. Till then, though, I'll need to use my Total Bithead as a DAC as the headphone jack on my iBook...
  11. moogoob

    Grado 325i Bass... underrated?

    Am I the only person entranced by the tight, punchy bass of the 325is? It always seems to take second fiddle to the (admittedly) impressive highs, but in my opinion (and on my system) the bass quantity and quality keep the highs balanced out by a strong lower end. Any other fans of the 325i's...
  12. moogoob

    Question about amps - Bithead VS Mini DAC VS Line Out

    Hi all, I'm considering getting another non-portable Headroom amp in the future (maybe 6 months from now or so, gotta save!) and I just have a few questions concerning which one to get, as I'm having trouble deciding. 1) Mini Stack - These don't take up much space, and I can get the amp now...
  13. moogoob

    Grado 325i owners- do you tape your bowls?

    Hi all. I've been taping the bowls on my SR80s ever since they burnt in. The bass is good but just not loud enough for me. When I got my 325is, though, the bass was just perfect. I tried taping the bowls, but it didn't make much of a difference to me, so I left them off. If it ain't broke, don't...
  14. moogoob

    Koss Pro4AAA specs

    Hey all, does anybody have any info on these vintage cans? I'm looking for the impedance, sensitivity and isolation in particular, but any stats would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. moogoob

    HD280Pro/Headroom Total Bithead combo

    Hey head-fi. I was doing a little light listening to this combo yesterday, and it really struck me how well these fit together. The HD280s just seem more... expensive... when I use them with the Bithead. Don't get me wrong, I love the Grado sound (and my new SR325is are more awexomeness than...
  16. moogoob

    So I've finally placed an order...

    for the Total Bithead. I'll be sure to give my impressions when it arrives. My first headphone amp... so excited!
  17. moogoob

    Next phones after I get an amp.

    Hey all, my next purchase is going to be a starter amp. I'm staring at the Bithead, for sheer bang/buck ratio. After that, I think I'll upgrade in a few months time. What would you do? (price range $300-$400, and I only buy new for various reasons) -Upgrade Sennheisers - HD595s look a...
  18. moogoob

    Video Game Soundtracks- Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

    Anyone here into game soundtracks in general? I know, it's a sorta odd taste, but recently I've been re-discovering the work that Kumi Tanioka did on the (otherwise OK but somewhat flawed) Gamecube game Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. The soundtrack differs immensely from many other RPGs...
  19. moogoob

    Just bought a pair of SR80s... some questions for Grado owners.

    I love them so far. Before I bought them, I'd read plenty of reviews online, and I noticed that many were really polar about the Grado sound. Most people either seem to really like them, or really hate them. I think I fall into the first camp. At first, I was going to go with the SR60s...