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  1. choariwap

    what is the history of your headphone(s)?

    with all the buying and selling going on here, it's interesting to know how far peopl's cans have gone, how many owners it has had, modding history and any unique events. my k1000s were bought from ttvj in 2005 by some1x, sent to moon audio in 2006 to be blue dragon hardwired, sold to seacard...
  2. choariwap

    rod y gab: man! wish i could have seen this live! yowza! she doesnt even look like shes touching the strings!
  3. choariwap

    help! my ipod skips every other track

    hi, my ipod skips every other track in the playlist... the files are not corrupted or anything because when i press previous it will play the skipped track. i encoded the files using EAC - FLAC then converted to ALAC using dbpoweramp then synced the ipod using winamp. anyone know whats...
  4. choariwap

    ACS T2s are here!!!

    sounds great much better than Sf5pro: 1. comfort - superb. feels good even after 8 hours use. with the sf5pro, part of my earlobes hurt. fit is about 80% good, left fits perfectly, right breaks seal when mouth is wide open. may send it for adjustments. 2. sound b. t2 vs sf5pro vs hd65-...
  5. choariwap

    recommend me an audiologist in new york for ue10 impressions

    hi folks, from reading the threads on custom IEMS, it seems that the audiologist's experience in IEMs is a great factor in preventing fit issues. i'm heading to new york in a few weeks, can people with good experiences with their audiologists recommend me one in NYC? thanks!
  6. choariwap

    look what i found while walking around the mall!

    i was walking around at a mall when i suddenly saw these: i was shocked.. wasnt expecting to see K1Ks in my country, much less an ordianry mall. its a pretty old pair, 6xxx serial. they looked dirty and even had a bit of old masking tape on the xlr jack. the horror! blasphemy! with heart...
  7. choariwap

    how to remove the enamel on senn hd650 stock cable?

    hi, i'm going to stick some XLR connectors to my hd650 stock cable. thre's some enamel covering the wires though, what's the best way to remove this? scraping it off seems impossible as there are many very very fine wires... would flux burn this off?
  8. choariwap

    passive preamp with transformer volume control - how good?

    hi, does anyone have experience with a transformer volume control amp/preamp vs a good stepped attenuator (ex. DACT)? i am considering something like this: it is just 400$ shipped even for the balanced version. this costs about as much as a DACT...
  9. choariwap

    to ppl looking for k1k - may be able to buy here

    hi guys, random clicking on the google ads brought me here: they may still have stock good luck!
  10. choariwap

    commercial current source headphone amp

    hi guys, I was thinking, if the firstwatt F1 is supposed to be magic with single driver - high efficiency drivers (ie. most headphones), then theoretically the F1 would not only drive the K1000's well, but also other phones like HD650. i know it's a long shot, but is there a commercial...
  11. choariwap

    m-audio audiophile usb - anything to mod?

    hi diy guys i've got an m-audio audiophile usb and am using it as my dac while i scrape some money together. anyway, i've read a lot of mods to dacs in here and was wondering if any of those mods can be done to this thing (ie bypass output caps and opamps etc) i think it would be good...
  12. choariwap

    MF Xcans V3: Fully Pinkfloyded

    hi all, it's been the textbook head-fi story. i came here looking for reviews on the er6i, but ended up a lot poorer with a new hobby. long story short, after 3 months, i now have an hd650, a k1000 and a 5 pro. thats a lot of cash! Anyway, i just completed my hd650 rig, which...
  13. choariwap

    K1000 amp pairing - grounding question

    hi, i'm having someone DIY a firstwatt F! for my k1000. he does notk now much about headphones and i dont know much about elextrical stuff. he raised a concern about the grounding of the connection: "you will be using the amp to power a set of headphones right? if yes then we may have a...
  14. choariwap

    wtb akg k-1000

    hi, i'm looking for an akg k-1000 in good condition, will pay via wire transfer/money order or others, but not paypal (not offered where i am). will want these shipped securely (fedex, ups, dhl) thanks a lot!
  15. choariwap

    700$ K1000 - serial 1,XXX

    k1000 gurus, someone is offering me a k1000 with serial 1,XXX... this puts it at 10+ years old... is 700 USD worth it for this? he says its in excellent condition, how well does the k1000 age? will 10 years affect it much? thanks!