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  1. rprodrigues

    Amp upgrade advice (from my SMSL M3)

    Hi there. I need an advice, please. Currently,I have a M3 amp/dac from SMSL (weak, 49mW@150 Ohm). Would I get any real improvement in sound quality if I replace it by a 'stronger' amp? I use it with my HD599SE, k371, DT 990 Pro, HD6xx, HE4xx, and some IEMs. Are Shiit Magni 3+, DX3 Pro, or...
  2. rprodrigues

    Assemble a balanced to single-end cable adapter

    Hi there. Anyone here already assembled a 2.5mm balanced (female) to 3.5mm single-end (male) cable? Is it just a matter of pin (re)mapping? Thank you
  3. rprodrigues


    Hi there. I consider buying either an HD58x or an HD6xx for my collection. Currently, I have a DT 990 Pro, an HD599se, an H4xx, a k371, and a SHP9500. My desktop dacs are a SMSL M3 and a SB G6 while the mobiles ones are an UP2 and a BTR3. Would either HD58x or HD6xx be any significant...