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  1. zyphaz


    Hey all, Just finished a transaction where I purchased a pair of A500's from Ishcabible. The whole buyers experience went off without a hitch. He always responded to PM's in a timely manner. I sent payment on Wednesday and was greeted to a USPS Priority Mail box by Friday afternoon. The cans...
  2. zyphaz


    He purchased a Qables Zen LOD off of me. Paid promptly and always replied to messages the same day. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again in the future as he made the transaction as smooth as it could be.
  3. zyphaz

    What Headphones Are You Using Right Now?

    Just listening to talk radio so keeping it comfortable in the HD570's.
  4. zyphaz

    FS: Qables Zen Vision Performance LOD

    $SOLD shipped CONUS PayPal preferred
  5. zyphaz

    Recabled my SR-125's and now I hear a rattle(?)

    Well I opened them up looked for a hair but couldn't find one. I ended up just blowing the whole chamber then closing them up to see if maybe I missed something and the grattle was gone.
  6. zyphaz

    FS: Koss Pro 4AA/T

    Bump for price drop
  7. zyphaz


    Bought an OE HD650 Cable and Alex had it to me in two, count them two days! He didn't even charge me for the cable, all he asked for was shipping. Chalk up another on the board for fans of Alex.
  8. zyphaz

    WTB: Stock Grado Cable

    My 125's seem to have a break at the dreaded pinch right above the Y and since I bought them on the board they're not under Warranty. If anyone has one sitting around they'd like to sell shoot me an offer via PM.
  9. zyphaz


    Smoother than silk transaction on terance's part he gave me a price, sent me a PayPal payment request and shipped me a pair of HD570's as soon as possible. Not to mention he always replied to my PM's within a few minutes! Thanks Matt!
  10. zyphaz

    Curse you head-fi! (yes, wallet related!)

    Quote: Originally posted by DJ Fusion Hey no way, its true that ignorance IS bliss..!! Oh the perils of great cans... just wait till you start realizing that some of your mp3s may be ripped poorly, but you never noticed with substandard listening equipment. I experienced this when...
  11. zyphaz

    40GB Karma is the ONE!

    Anyone know the target price range of the various Karmas?
  12. zyphaz

    Newbie(?) looking to delve into the world of MD

    Thanks Super, actually yes I do have quite a few MD's left over from my old R50. I still even have the remote, adapter and gumstick still somewhere. I'm assuming that the N707 will be backwards compatible with the recordings correct? The remot and everything else I'm guessing will be useless...