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  1. Loonatik

    Sennheiser HD800

    Selling the HD800'S i impulse bought a few weeks ago for my 21st birthday. They were the only high end headphone I havent gotten a chance to listen to, so I really wanted to give them a try but they don't get along with my poorly mastered japanese music, and I listen to that 90% of the time. ...
  2. Loonatik

    Burson Soloist

    Hi everyone, going to be selling my burson soloist I had paired with my fostex th 900's for a few months, the synergy is great, but I recently upgraded my speakers and they needed a different amp. I'm using the speakers more often now and the new amp (peachtree decco65) also has a headphone out...
  3. Loonatik

    Audio technica m50x

    Selling my m50x's that I bought 1-2 months ago on amazon. This is the newer version with detachable cables(straight 1/8'', coiled 1/4'', short straight 1/8''). Comes with all accessories , original box and is pretty much in new condition, I've worn them to school about twice. Selling them...