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  1. nurxhunter

    Telefunken E188CC - 7308

    Pair of Telefunken E188CC.  Nicely matched and NOS testing on two testers (take my data to the bank) in original boxes. Diamond Bottom, of course.   I travel quite a bit, so it could take a bit to respond (which I can only do via PM).  Thanks for understanding, but no worries, I always honer the...
  2. nurxhunter

    Beresford 7533 Bushmaster MK II headphone amp / dac. Price Lowered

    Comes with original AC adapter.  Solid 8/10 condition and functionally perfect.  Unusually nice sound for the price.  As many of you know, it can be battery driven. Drove my T90 quite nicely with a warm transparent sound. Fabulous with HD600/650. Shipping included in USA, and USA only.  I travel...
  3. nurxhunter

    FS: Sennheiser HD650 Cardas Blue Smurf 10' Cable

    THE HEADPHONES ARE SOLD.  If anyone wants the Cardas Cable, please PM me.  $75 shipped.  Thank you.   In good condition--EXCEPT--it has the common chipped finish at edge of the headband.  Otherwise, in 8/10  shape.     To compensate, it will come with BRAND NEW NEVER USED OEM EARPADS AND...
  4. nurxhunter

    Philips Holland Pinched Waist E88CC 6922 long-bottle tubes for sale.

    I have a matched pair of Philips Holland Pinched Waist E88CC long-bottle tubes for sale.  They are NOS (as far as I can tell), test like NOS, sound like NOS (which have a certain 'tight' sound signature) and nicely matched electronically. Until I tried these, in particular, I could not hear the...
  5. nurxhunter

    NuForce HA200 High Performance Class-A Headphone Amplifier: Remarkable Value

    Will consider international sales--but PM me first. No interest in trades,   Excellent condition.  Extremely good value for a true Class-A design from an innovative shop. With 2 of them, you'll have true dual mono balanced setup capable of 8W/ch.  As a single stereo unit puts out  2W/ cha.  I...
  6. nurxhunter

    MAC Sound Pipe IC Palladium - 3 ft of Rare Earth Coupling

    Manufacturer went out of business (was a small operation in Long Island, NY) when price of precious metals and commodities skyrocketed at the dawn of the Great Recession..   These are in nice condition and sound great. I found them particularly well suited with my HD-650/600 and tube amps...
  7. nurxhunter

    ****SOLD*** B&W Bowers & Wilkins P7 for sale

    NOTE: CONUSA only, not interested in trades. It was interesting to read the inner fidelity high tech review on how these are constructed. The Sumptuous and Sonorous Bowers & Wilkins P7. They still have that new car smell. High quality leather. They function flawlessly. My 2015 travel budget was...
  8. nurxhunter

    Sennheiser HD600 For Sale With Cardas Cable

    I have a pair of Sennheiser HD-600 in good condition (8/10). I cannot see any major flaws, except the ear cushions are not new looking. Please see the pictures. Includes standard cable (OEM) and also a Cardas Upgrade ($200 retail). I can sell separately for $75. The Cardas cable is in good--but...
  9. nurxhunter

    HiFiMan HE-400 - Excellent Condition

    CONUSA Sales only. Not interested in trades.  Thanks all.   Headphones are in excellent condition. Included are both the pleather and velour pads (velour pads now installed). Newer iteration of the drivers, as you can see from the pics. Comes with travel bag and original cable.   They are in...
  10. nurxhunter

    Bottlehead Crack + Speedball Upgrade + Extras

    No trades or Extra CONUSA.  Thanks.  SALE PENDING   Unusually clean and high quality build, which is what attracted me to buy this. All voltages read right, the build is great, the layout and build technique are solid, down to perfectly measured wiring, nice soldering, good symmetry in layout...
  11. nurxhunter

    Beyerdynamic T50P with T51P Upgraded Pads--Steal These

    They have been stolen. Thanks.   These are in EXCELLENT condition. Saying 8/10 because I am second owner.  I did not put them under a scope, but they look as new.   Includes original box and accessories.   They come installed with the T51P pads as an upgrade, which sell for $45 including...
  12. nurxhunter

    HiFiMan HE-500 in Pristine Condition

    Thanks all for interest.  These are sold.   Barely used HiFiMan HE-500.  Comes as it would from a retail shop, including stock:  silver cable, 'pleather' pads, hard case, velour bag, spare connector set, manual,velour pads.  The latter are unused, the pleathers have 10 hrs or so of use. I...
  13. nurxhunter

    Cardas Mini-XLR Premium 10' Cable for AKG702 etc.   I have an ad for the complete set with headphones. I found these refined the frequency response to make a more fluid presentation, but with  better extension at both ends of spectrum. Thought...
  14. nurxhunter

    Twister Pear Buffalo 32S DAC Sabre ES9018 chip (RCA and XLR)

    RCA's are currently hooked up but the wires are there to install XLR as well. power light and signal light on front.  Works well, no issues.  DIY and well made (7/10 Audiogon scale, some light scratches--but otherwise OK--but since it's DIY-class, I rate as 7/10).   They rarely come up for...
  15. nurxhunter

    abraxasaudio 6V6GT PP Stereo Amplifer   Community service.  This guy is an uber-DIYer.  His stuff is to DIY for.  PM me thanking me after you have lived with it for a while.  Whether with speakers...
  16. nurxhunter

    Ericsson 2c51 396a 5670 elusive gold pin '51--Matched pair--Unobtanium

    ERICSSON 2C51=396A = 5670 Dual Triode. The 1951 earliest Gold Pin version. The construction of these is unique. Very, very nicely made tube. Lovely branded-printing. See pics for condition of labels. Not shabby. Hickok TV-10A/U data (3300 is the Min): 6,250/6,750 6,250/6,750 Eico 666...
  17. nurxhunter

    Ericsson 2c51 matched tube pair 396a 5670 elusive gold pin '51

    Elusive is true--the rarest of the rare in tubes.  Unavailable anywhere else.  Use to contact me.  Happy to answer questions--but--ideally the note should contain an offer to buy, pending satisfactory answer to questions.  I am on road a lot and do not always have easy...
  18. nurxhunter

    SOLD Beyerdynamic DT-770 Premium 600 Ohm Version

    SOLD.  Thanks for interest.   Stereo headphones, 600 Ω, closed design, single sided cable with stereo mini-jack / 1/4" adapter, includes headphone carrying case.   I am original owner. Excellent condition--used maybe 100 hrs, so they are broken in.    Rated condition is 8/10 to be...
  19. nurxhunter

    For Sale or Trade: Ultrasone Proline 650 in Great Condition

    Ultrasone Pro 650   My Ultrasone Proline 650 are in excellent condition.  Extra cord.  Pics on request.  Slight light swirls on shiny ear cup faces otherwise, excellent condition.  Earpad and band look fresh. Functionally flawless.  You will be pleased with condition.  Extra cord coiled...
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    Solver Screen--Hiooooo.JPG
  21. nurxhunter

    Bendix 6080 (6AS7) NOS Test

    NOTE: 6080 WB   Added pics.  Will add re-test data--based on prior test data I wrote on tubes these test NOS (110%/110% on Eico 666)  Will also test on Hickock TV-10 I acquired since then.
  22. nurxhunter

    Rudistor NX-02 Sistema and Ultrasone PROlie 2500 SOLD
  23. nurxhunter


    PM'd.   Call in AM.   Thanks+++