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  1. Anthony1

    iBasso DX100

    *** SOLD ***     Hi reluctantly going to sell my mint condition DX100.   Plus will include spare brand new battery.   Unfortunately it has to be Australian & NZ buyers only and possibly Singapore/UK as shipping is stupidly high to the US/Canada.
  2. Anthony1

    Lavry DACs - where to buy in Au

    Anybody know where you can buy/listen to the Lavry DACs in Australia? Have emailed the main US Lavry site a week ago asking the same question but no answer
  3. Anthony1

    Contacting Ray Samuels

    Anybody know if Ray is on hols somewhere? Have contacted him by email on his website on the 5th March and then again on the 8th March and still no answer. 
  4. Anthony1

    Rockbox ipod Video > iBasso DB2

    Anybody recommend the best connection from iPod Video 5.5 to DB2? What can I use or make in order to get a LOD out to the DB2? Optical or USB, coaxial?
  5. Anthony1

    Luxman P-1 in Australia?

    Does anybody know where or if you get get this amp in Australia? Cheers in advance
  6. Anthony1

    Any good DIY cable supply places in AU?

    Have been looking for decent copper cable supplies in Au to make a LOD/interconnects plus some decent range of DIY supplies. Have bought from Qables and some ebay sites but would be good to see if there anything decent locally in Australia?
  7. Anthony1

    Enclosure end suggestions

    Have taken the advice of a fellow head-fier and have bought a Mini3 kit as my first DIY amp. Are there any sites where you can get custom front and back panels for enclosures like the hammond or do you have to use the panels that come with the basic enclosure. I do realise it would cost a...
  8. Anthony1

    K701/2 with Lisa III

    Anybody use the K701/2's with the Lisa III? If so how do they go together?
  9. Anthony1

    Help for a proposed new setup

    Howdy this is my first post to this great forum so please be gentle with me. I have gone through these forums over a period of months now and wish to take the plunge in buying a portable setup. I wish to utilise my iPod 160gig classic with Apple lossless files. What i need some help with...